Dec 11 2013 Posted: 11:42 GMT

“Horizon 2020; an opportunity to bring NUI Galway’s research to market in Europe and to bring Europe’s best researchers to NUI Galway” says NUI Galway VP for Innovation, Lokesh Joshi

NUI Galway is prepared for the significant opportunity presented by the launch of Horizon 2020, at €80bn the biggest and most ambitious European funding scheme to date. Irish Universities are aiming to secure €1bn from Horizon 2020 which will replace Framework 7 which is currently running.

NUI Galway secured €38.8m in research funding under Framework 7 between January 2007 and July 2013, with further applications pending. The action plan for participation of the Irish universities in Horizon 2020 has been launched by Minister for Research and Innovation Mr Sean Sherlock TD as part of the national launch of the European Union’s new Horizon 2020 Programme.

Minister Sean Sherlock, TD, speaking at the launch said, “I welcome the renewed commitment of the universities to maximise their participation in Horizon 2020 across all areas. At a time when national funding for research must be carefully invested, it is critical that the universities and all public research institutions gain maximum leverage from exchequer funds”.

NUI Galway Vice President for Research, and Chair of the Irish Universities Association VPs of Research Group, Professor Lokesh Joshi said “Horizon 2020, the biggest and most ambitious research funding scheme in European history is an opportunity to bring NUI Galway’s research to market in Europe and to bring Europe’s best researchers to NUI Galway. NUI Galway is prepared for this significant opportunity and European challenge to build on our experience and successful track-record in winning European funding.

The national action plan entitled “Horizon 2020: Sustaining Excellence in University Research & Innovation” outlines the position of the universities on the Horizon 2020 proposals and sets out a series of recommendations and actions to enhance the performance of Irish universities, giving the sector the best chance of success in Horizon 2020.

The Irish Universities, in partnership with the private sector, have been the most successful participants in FP7 and their involvement is essential for Ireland to reach its target of securing over €1 billion in funding from Horizon 2020.

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