Annual Health Promotion Conference at NUI Galway

May 28 2018 Posted: 09:11 IST
The Health Promotion Research Centre at NUI Galway, in partnership with the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive and the Association of Health Promotion Ireland, will host the 22nd Annual Health Promotion Conference on Thursday, 7 June.
This one-day conference will bring together policymakers, researchers and practitioners, with the aim of strengthening the circle of knowledge in relation to participation and empowerment for health and social care service users. In line with re-orienting the health service, one of the health promotion priority action areas identified in the Ottawa Charter*, and the ‘Healthy Ireland Framework’, this year’s conference theme is ‘Participation and empowerment for health service users: Strengthening the circle’.
A number of international and national keynote speakers will feature throughout the conference. Keynote speaker, Professor Sean Dinneen from NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals, will discuss how the voice of young adults with type 1 diabetes has influenced research being undertaken at NUI Galway.
Professor Anne MacFarlane, University of Limerick, will be asking how community and individual participation in primary healthcare can be strengthened. Professor MacFarlane said: “There is a long standing attention to participation in primary healthcare for different reasons: for shaping policy and the nature and configuration of local services, for setting priorities in practice settings and for ‘patient centeredness’ in general practice consultations. More recently, imperatives from policy makers and funders for Public and Patient Involvement in health research have been gaining momentum across disciplines, including academic general practice and primary care. There are concerns, however, about participation across these different kinds of participatory spaces: is it meaningful? impactful? inclusive of all community members service users and patients?”
Professor Tina Cook, Liverpool Hope University, will discuss the role of participatory health research in promoting positive changes for health through the power of collaborative learning. Joanne Morgan, Community Development and Health Network in Northern Ireland, will speak from a practical perspective on tackling health inequalities by working to empower communities.
This event provides a platform for the exchange of ideas for research, policy and practice developments in participation and empowerment for health service users. It also provides the opportunity to explore how health and social care services can be enhanced to support people in maintaining a good quality of life.
Dr Martin Power, conference co-chair and a lecturer in NUI Galway’s Discipline of Health Promotion, said: “This conference provides a significant opportunity for all stakeholders in health and social care to engage with and reflect on the benefits that can be gained from fruitful collaboration. The conference brings together the interdependent strands of practice, services and research to explore both what can be achieved and how best it can be achieved. The growing recognition of the importance of public, patient and service user involvement is reflected in the diversity of settings, groups and approaches that the conference presentations and workshops examine. A particular feature of this year’s conference is the introduction of a number of open forum workshops, which will further enhance opportunities for dynamic and lively exchanges.”
Dr Catherine Anne Field, conference co-chair and a lecturer in NUI Galway’s Discipline of Health Promotion, said: “This conference is an excellent opportunity to bring together all stakeholders involved in the practice of health promotion. The field of health promotion has always recognised that service users and patients have vast knowledge and expertise about their own health and well-being and we look forward to hearing the valuable contributions of those involved in research, practice and service delivery.”
The conference is relevant to practitioners, researchers and policymakers alike. For further information on the conference including the presentations by the keynote speakers visit For further enquiries contact

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