Scholars Conduct Research on Chronic Pain at NUI Galway

Scholars Conduct Research on Chronic Pain at NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Leading researchers in pain medicine and health economics at the Centre for Pain Research, NUI Galway will supervise two Health Research Board-funded summer scholars in projects on Chronic Pain over the coming months, following a highly competitive awards scheme for summer research scholarships. Edel Smith, a second year economics and maths students and Gerard Healy, a second year medicine student will be supervised by Dr Brenda Gannon, Senior Researcher, Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG) and Drs Brian McGuire and David Finn, Co-Directors of the Centre for Pain Research, NUI Galway, respectively. Efficient expenditure on health services requires detailed information on the costs of various medical conditions. The first project deals with health economics and seeks to explore the costs in one Pain Clinic in order to build a platform model of detailed costs among the most severely affected population, i.e. those attending a regional Pain Clinic. The project aims to collect data on the economic cost of chronic pain among patients attending Pain Clinics. Those attending specialised Pain Clinics tend to be at the most "chronic" end of the pain spectrum and frequently have a high level of disability and associated costs. The second project will evaluate whether variation in the psychological status of chronic pain patients undergoing an interventional pain management procedure, significantly influences the pain relief following the procedure. Chronic pain is a complex biopsychosocial phenomenon and psychosocial factors are known to influence the onset, course and response to treatment. This study will examine whether variation in the outcome of interventional pain management can be explained by pre-treatment psychological factors, such as anxiety, pain-related beliefs and treatment expectations. This research hopes to highlight the importance of optimization of a patient's psychological status prior to embarking on expensive invasive treatments and may suggest a potential cost saving benefit of multidisciplinary care for all patients in the management of chronic pain. Dr Brenda Gannon, said: "These two innovative projects will provide important data for clinicians and service planners. With the increasing need for transparency in health policy and expenditure, these projects will highlight critical health outcomes of treatments and relevant costs incurred by chronic pain sufferers. These studies will play an important role in advocacy for patients with chronic pain". The projects are being carried out in collaboration with Dr David O'Gorman, Consultant in Pain Medicine and Nancy Ruane, Pain Nurse at UCHG. ENDS

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Lives of Landed Gentry Launched Online by NUI Galway

Lives of Landed Gentry Launched Online by NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The era of grand estates in western Ireland has been captured in a unique project by a team of researchers at NUI Galway. The comprehensive electronic database and archive devoted to landed estates and gentry houses in Connacht, c. 1700-1914, was launched recently at the University by Minister of State, Dr Martin Mansergh, T.D. The database contains references to over 1450 houses and some 1,650 estates. The aim of the resource is to assist and support researchers working on the social, economic, political and cultural history of Connacht from c.1700 to 1914. The project involved the distillation and collation of data from a broad range of historical sources, and its concise codification on an estate/name basis. According to NUI Galway's Professor Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh, who was Project Principal: "For the first time ever researchers will have ready access to a comprehensive database of sources relating to the world of the landed society of Connacht from the end of the seventeenth century to the beginning of the break-up of the large landed estates under the land purchase schemes that followed the Irish 'land war' of the late Victorian and Edwardian period. This is the world of landed estates and gentry houses that dominated rural society from the era of the penal laws until the eve of the great war". The project, whose senior researchers were Marie Boran and Brigid Clesham, was hosted by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences at NUI Galway and funded by the Irish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS). The Project is one of the first of its kind to be completed under the Research Infrastructure Grants scheme of the IRCHSS. For more information visit ENDS

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DERI launches competition based on ten years of online data reflecting Irish lif

DERI launches competition based on ten years of online data reflecting Irish lif-image

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at NUI Galway will be running a unique competition from August to September in conjunction with, Ireland's largest discussion forum site. The competition is an open contest in which entrants can win over €4000 in prizes by submitting an interesting creation based on a data set of discussion posts from The data reflects ten years of Irish online life, collected from between 1998 and 2008. is one of Ireland's busiest websites, with over a million unique visitors a month. The most popular discussion areas are 'after hours', soccer, motors, poker, and computers. Popular topic threads include: a virtual pub (over 4000 pages); member discussions (2800 pages); poker stories (1800 pages); Liverpool rumours (1250 pages); recruitment in the Gardaí (800 pages long); and a freebie list (250 pages). Ten years of discussion data from (approximately 9 million documents) has been represented in the Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC) open data format, developed by DERI at NUI Galway for expressing the information contained in social websites (forums, mailing lists, blogs, etc.). Dr John Breslin, a researcher with DERI and co-founder of the site said: "Entrants may create whatever they feel is interesting based on this data: it could be a novel web application that makes use of the data set, a report on analyses performed on the data, a tool that allows one to visualise or browse the semantic structure, or whatever else the imagination can come up with!" To enter the competition, go to to access the data sets and guidelines. There will be three prizes for the top entries, as judged by an independent panel of three experts: First prize is an Amazon voucher for €2500; second prize is a voucher for €1250; and third prize is a voucher for €625. One person may make multiple entry submissions. The closing date for entry is 30 September, 2008. ENDS

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Second John McGahern International Seminar Opens in Leitrim

Second John McGahern International Seminar Opens in Leitrim-image

Monday, 28 July 2008

The second John McGahern International Seminar will be officially opened tonight (Thursday, 24 July), by Professor Ger Hurley, Vice-President, NUI Galway, in the Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The John McGahern International Seminar and Summer School is organised annually in Co. Leitrim to commemorate the work and literary achievements of this distinguished author. The opening address, 'John McGahern's Irelands' will be given by Professor Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh, Department of History, NUI Galway. Speaking in advance of the opening address, Professor Tuathaigh said: "It is for his distinction as a writer, mainly of prose fiction, that John McGahern is honoured, and it is as a truly exceptional writer that he will be remembered. Even allowing for the austerity of this dedication to his primary vocation, the full corpus of McGahern's writing also offers a rich representation and a critique of key forces of continuity and change in Irish society (in particular the rural society of the West) in the decades between the 1940s and the early years of this century". The first volume of the John McGahern Yearbook will also be launched at the 2008 Seminar by Kevin Reynolds of RTÉ. The annual hardback volume, compiled and edited by Dr John Kenny, Department of English, NUI Galway, includes contributions from Séamus Heaney, Declan Kiberd, Joseph O'Connor, and Belinda McKeon. Professor Ger Hurley, Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs, NUI Galway, said: "The name of John McGahern is synonymous with the Summer School of NUI Galway. For over a quarter of a century, up to his untimely death, John contributed each year to many academic programmes at our University, but especially to its Summer School in Irish Studies and workshops in Creative Writing. NUI Galway is, therefore, pleased to cooperate again this year with Leitrim County Council, and especially its Arts Office, in organising this Seminar and Summer School here in Leitrim to mark the lifetime of artistic and literary achievement of John McGahern". Speakers during the International Seminar include: Professor Christopher Murray, UCD; Gerardo Gambolini, Argentinian poet and translator; and David Malcolm, University of Gdansk, Poland. Panel discussions and readings will also take place throughout the programme. In addition to this year's Seminar, NUI Galway has organised an intensive one week International Summer School on John McGahern's work and its contexts. This summer programme will form part of the 25th International Summer School in Irish Studies at NUI Galway. To commemorate the 25th International Summer School in Irish Studies (1984-2008), NUI Galway will present each student of the 2008 Summer School with a US first edition of John McGahern's memoir, All Will Be Well. ENDS

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NUI Galway Teachers Win National Awards

NUI Galway Teachers Win National Awards-image

Monday, 28 July 2008

Two NUI Galway academics will be honoured by the National Academy for the Integration of Research & Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) in their new programme of awards honouring exemplary teachers who are also innovative researchers in higher education in Ireland. Dr Peter Cantillon, Department of General Practice and Dr Ray Murphy, Irish Centre for Human Rights, were selected for two of the five national awards. Dr James Browne, President of NUI Galway, said: "It is very good news that two members of NUI Galway academic staff have been recognised by NAIRTL as exemplary teachers, and for NUI Galway to win two of the five awards is a huge achievement and a testament to the quality of the nominations put forward from this institution. Both Dr Cantillon and Dr Murphy were recipients of our internal awards for teaching excellence in 2006-2007, which recognises the outstanding efforts academic staff make to ensure NUI Galway students receive the highest quality learning experience. We look forward to continued collaboration with NAIRTL and to further success in the national awards scheme in 2009". Teaching and research are both central to the role of academic staff, and excellence in teaching and in creative and scholarly work go hand in hand. The NAIRTL Awards aim to acknowledge and reward academic staff that are successful in uniting these two roles. The awards are intended to recognise teaching accomplishments and to promote public recognition and celebration of the teaching profession. Nominations were invited from the NAIRTL partner institutions, (CIT, NUIG, TCD, UCC and WIT). The awards ceremony will be held later this year. For details of all award recipients nationally check out the NAIRTL website From 2009 it is envisaged that this initiative will be open to all higher education institutions in the Republic of Ireland. ENDS

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Maoiniú ón Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta le haghaidh scoláireach

Maoiniú ón Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta le haghaidh scoláireach-image

Monday, 28 July 2008

Cuireann Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh fáilte roimh an maoiniú ón Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta don chúrsa nua MA Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála, an chéad chúrsa dá shórt in Éirinn. Agus an scéala á fhógairt inniu aige, dúirt Éamon Ó Cuív T.D., Aire Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta, go bhfuil deiseanna iontacha ar fáil anois do dhaoine le Gaeilge san Eoraip de bharr stádas a bheith ag an nGaeilge mar theanga oifigiúil agus oibre de chuid an AE: "Molaim an cúrsa seo d'éinne atá ag iarraidh slí bheatha spéisiúil agus thairbheach le Gaeilge a bhaint amach. Cruthóidh cáilíocht mar ateangaire le Béarla agus Gaeilge féidearthachtaí do dhaoine óga agus don teanga nach raibh ar fáil dúinn roimhe seo". Tá an clár seo á bhunú ar an gCéim Mháistreachta Eorpach in Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála (European Masters in Conference Interpreting) – clár a forbraíodh i gcomhar le hinstitiúidí an Aontais Eorpaigh agus atá á chur ar fáil in 18 dtír san Eoraip. Díreofar i rith an chúrsa ar úsáid na Gaeilge agus an Bhéarla mar theangacha gníomhacha agus éighníomhacha ateangaireachta, agus ar úsáid na Fraincise mar theanga éighníomhach. Féadfar teangacha Eorpacha eile a úsáid i rith an chúrsa má bhíonn dóthain éilimh orthu sin. Ar mhaithe le mic léinn a ullmhú don saol gairmiúil atá rompu, díreofar ar ghnéithe mar scileanna cumarsáide ar nós glóroiliúint, óráidíocht phoiblí, chomh maith le dianchleachtadh ar an ateangaireach leantach agus an ateangaireacht chomhuaineach. Eagrófar seachtain staidéir chuig Coimisiún na hEorpa agus Parlaimint na hEorpa chun léargas a thabhairt do na mic léinn ar obair na n-ateangairí comhdhála sna hinstitiúidí sin. Beidh seans ag mic léinn ar mian leo an Fhraincis a úsáid ar an gcúrsa dianchúrsa Fraincise a dhéanamh i bPáras i mí Mheán Fómhair faoi na scoláireachtaí atá á maoiniú ag an Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta. Dúirt Eoin Ó Droighneáin, stiúrthóir an chúrsa: "Cuirim fáilte roimh an tionscnamh seo ón Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta agus ceapaim go gcuideoidh an dianchúrsa Fraincise go mór le mic léinn barr feabhais a chur ar a gcuid Fraincise agus iad ag teacht isteach ar an gcúrsa MA in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh." Dúirt sé: "Tá géarghá ag an Aontas Eorpach le hateangairí oilte, cáilithe le Gaeilge. Is é seo an t-aon chúrsa MA dá leithéid sa tír agus ullmhóidh sé mic léinn le slí bheatha a bhaint amach mar ateangairí comhdhála gairmiúla. Bainfidh na mic léinn úsáid i rith an chúrsa as trealamh faoi leith a bhíonn in úsáid ag ateangairí gairmiúla san Eoraip; fágfaidh an cleachtadh a gheobhaidh siad anseo go mbeidh an-seans ag mic léinn ar phostanna gradamúla a fháil mar ateangairí gairmiúla ach a gcríochnóidh siad an cúrsa". Tá an MA (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) á chur ar fáil ag Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, institiúid lán-Ghaeilge na hOllscoile le haghaidh cúrsaí tríú leibhéal trí Ghaeilge, agus beidh sé ar siúl san Ionad atá ag an Acadamh ar an gCeathrú Rua i nGaeltacht na Gaillimhe. Tá an cúrsa féin á mhaoiniú ag Údarás na Gaeltachta agus dá bharr seo ní bheidh táille ar bith le híoc ag mic léinn a gheobhaidh áit ar an gcúrsa. Tá iarratais á nglacadh le haghaidh áiteanna ar an gcúrsa faoi láthair agus is féidir teagmháil a dhéanamh le Siobhán Ní Chualáin ag + 353 91 495428 nó ar an ríomhphost ag má theastaíonn tuilleadh eolas breise ina thaobh. CRÍOCH

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Gradaim Náisiúnta Buaite ag Teagascóirí in OÉ Gaillimh

Gradaim Náisiúnta Buaite ag Teagascóirí in OÉ Gaillimh-image

Monday, 28 July 2008

Tabharfaidh An tAcadamh Náisiúnta um Chomhtháthú Taighde & Teagaisc & Foghlama (NAIRTL) aitheantas do bheirt chomhaltaí acadúla foirne OÉ Gaillimh faoina gclár nua gradam a thugann aitheantas do theagascóirí den chéad scoth ar taighdeoirí nuálacha freisin iad san earnáil ardoideachais in Éirinn. Roghnaíodh an Dr Peter Cantillon ó Roinn na Dochtúireachta Teaghlaigh agus an Dr Ray Murphy ón Ionad Éireannach um Chearta an Duine mar bhuaiteoirí gradam. Cúig ghradam ar fad a bhronntar. Dúirt an Dr James Browne, Uachtarán, OÉ Gaillimh: "Dea-scéala é go bhfuil aitheantas mar theagascóirí den chéad scoth faighte ag beirt chomhaltaí acadúla foirne OÉ Gaillimh ó NAIRTL. Éacht suntasach do OÉ Gaillimh dhá ghradam as cúig ghradam a fháil; léargas eile fós ar chaighdeán na n-ainmniúchán curtha faoi bhráid NAIRTL ag an institiúid seo. Bronnadh Gradaim an Uachtaráin don Fheabhas Teagaisc 2006-2007 – scéim inmheánach gradam OÉ Gaillimh – ar an Dr Cantillon agus ar an Dr Murphy. Tugann Gradaim an Uachtaráin don Fheabhas Teagaisc aitheantas don obair iontach atá ar bun ag comhaltaí acadúla foirne ar mhaithe le cinntiú go mbaineann mic léinn OÉ Gaillimh tairbhe as taithí foghlama ar ardchaighdeán. Táimid ag súil le hoibriú i gcomhar le NAIRTL amach anseo agus le tuilleadh gradam a fháil i scéim náisiúnta gradam 2009". Gnéithe bunúsacha de ról na gcomhaltaí acadúla foirne iad teagasc agus taighde, agus is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann teagasc den chéad scoth agus obair chruthaitheach agus léannta. Is é atá mar aidhm le Gradaim NAIRTL aitheantas agus gradam a thabhairt do chomhaltaí acadúla foirne a bhfuil ag éirí leo an dá ról seo a nascadh. Is ann do na gradaim seo le haitheantas a thabhairt d'éachtaí teagaisc agus aitheantas agus ceiliúradh poiblí a dhéanamh ar ghairm na múinteoireachta. Fáiltíodh roimh ainmniúcháin ó institiúidí comhpháirtíochta NAIRTL, (CIT, OÉ Gaillimh, UCC agus WIT). Beidh an searmanas bronnta ar siúl níos faide anonn sa bhliain. Tá eolas maidir leis na buaiteoirí ar fad le fáil ar láithreán gréasáin NAIRTL Ón mbliain 2009 ar aghaidh, meastar go mbeidh cead ag na hinstitiúidí ardoideachais ar fad i bPoblacht na hÉireann páirt a ghlacadh sa tionscnamh seo. CRÍOCH

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The Churches and the Natural World is Theme of Conference

The Churches and the Natural World is Theme of Conference-image

Friday, 25 July 2008

NUI Galway was host this week to the 47th summer conference of the Ecclesiastical History Society. The conference theme this year was 'God's Bounty? The Churches and the Natural World', and over 75 delegates attended the four-day conference. With some 950 members, the UK based Ecclesiastical History Society (EHS) aims to foster interest in, and to advance the study of, all areas of the history of the Christian Churches. Membership of the Society is open to any scholar or scholarly institution. According to the President of the EHS, Dr Bill Sheils from the University of York: "As concerns about our use and abuse of natural resources increase, this year we have chosen the impact of scientific knowledge on religious understanding as a central conference theme. The question of 'stewardship of the world' has exercised some of the finest theological and philosophical minds in the past, and continues to inform contemporary discussion of mankind's global responsibilities and the development of 'a social gospel of mutual dependence". Dr Alison Forrestal, Lecturer in History at NUI Galway, and a board member of the EHS, stressed the importance of understanding this particular area of history. "The Christian Churches shaped so many aspects of political, social and religious history, and played an integral part in many social and societal movements. The conference offers the opportunity to explore topics ranging from the interpretation of omens in medieval England, to early Irish Christian interpretations of creation, and to Jesuit conversions in the Americas in the 1600s, and through modern understandings of the environment". For further information on the Ecclesiastical History Society visit -ends-

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Hat Trick for Huston Film School at Film Fleadh

Hat Trick for Huston Film School at Film Fleadh-image

Friday, 25 July 2008

Graduates of the MA in Screenwriting at NUI Galway have now scooped three Pitching Awards at the Galway Film Fleadh, since the award's inception in 2004. The most recent winner is Barbara Deignan (MA Screenwriting 06), from Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim. The competition takes the format of a ten minute movie idea pitch to a public audience and experienced judging panel, followed by questions from both. This year the panel included: US actor Bill Pullman; founder of Magma Films, Ralph Christians; former President of United Artists, Bingham Ray: and acclaimed film maker, broadcaster and teacher, Lelia Doolan. Will Collins (MA Screenwriting 06) won the award last year and has expanded his pitch into a completed script which has attracted much interest from film producers and financiers. The 2005 winner, Keith Bogue (MA Screenwriting 05), subsequently secured development funding from the Irish Film Board. According to Rod Stoneman, Director of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUI Galway: "The Galway Film Fleadh continues to support and promote promising talent on the Irish film scene through this popular award. Previous winners Will Collins and Keith Bogue are well on the road to a completed feature film. Huston School congratulates Barbara Deignan on winning this year and we also commend Hugh Travers (MA Screenwriting 06) on his place in the final." The MA in Screenwriting was the inaugural programme of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media at NUI Galway. The one-year, full-time programme offers training in screenplay writing, integrated with courses in film history and analysis, supported by regular film screenings and workshops. For further information on the MA Screenwriting please contact -ends-

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Dara Seimineár Idirnáisiúnta John McGahern ar siúl i Liatroim

Dara Seimineár Idirnáisiúnta John McGahern ar siúl i Liatroim-image

Friday, 25 July 2008

Sheol an tOllamh Ger Hurley, Leas-Uachtarán, OÉ Gaillimh, dara Seimineár Idirnáisiúnta John McGahern aréir (Déardaoin, 24 Iúil), in Óstán Bush, Cora Droma Rúisc, Co. Liatroma. Reáchtáiltear Seimineár Idirnáisiúnta agus Scoil Samhraidh John McGahern gach bliain i gCo. Liatroma chun ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar obair agus saothar liteartha an údáir cháiliúil seo. Is é an tOllamh Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh, Roinn na Staire, OÉ Gaillimh, a thug an óráid 'John McGahern's Irelands' ag an seoladh. Dúirt an tOllamh Ó Tuathaigh: "Is as a chumas mar scríbhneoir, scríbhneoir ficsean próis den chuid is mó, a thugtar aitheantas do John McGahern, agus mairfidh sé inár gcuimhne mar scríbhneoir den chéad scoth. In ainneoin dáiríreacht a dhílseachta dá ghairm, tá léargas agus crític iontach ar phríomhfhórsaí leanúnachais agus athrú i sochaí na hÉireann le fáil freisin i gcorpas iomlán McGahern (go háirithe sochaí tuaithe an Iarthair) idir na 1940idí agus blianta tosaigh an chéid seo". Sheol Kevin Reynolds ó RTÉ an chéad imleabhar de John McGahern Yearbook ag Seimineár 2008 freisin. I measc na scríbhneoirí a bhfuil saothar dá gcuid le fáil san imleabhar bliantúil seo atá faoi chlúdach crua, tiomsaithe agus curtha in eagar ag an Dr John Kenny, Roinn an Bhéarla, OÉ Gaillimh, tá Séamus Heaney, Declan Kiberd, Joseph O'Connor, agus Belinda McKeon. Dúirt an tOllamh Ger Hurley, Leas-Uachtarán um Thionscnaimh Straitéiseacha agus Gnóthaí Seachtracha, OÉ Gaillimh: "Tá clú agus cáil ar Scoil Samhraidh John McGahern – scoil samhraidh a bhíonn ar siúl in OÉ Gaillimh. Le breis is 25 bliain anuas, go dtí gur cailleadh é gan choinne, chuir John go mór le cláir éagsúla acadúla san Ollscoil, ach bhí spéis ar leith aige sa Scoil Samhraidh sa Léann Éireannach agus ceardlanna Scríbhneoireacht Chruthaitheach. Tá an-áthas anois ar OÉ Gaillimh, comhoibriú arís i mbliana le Comhairle Contae Liatroma, agus Oifig Ealaíon na Comhairle sin, chun an Seimineár agus an Scoil Samhraidh a eagrú anseo i Liatroim in onóir éachtaí ealaíona agus liteartha John McGahern". I measc na gcainteoirí a bheidh i láthair ag an Seimineár Idirnáisiúnta beidh: An tOllamh Christopher Murray, Coláiste na hOllscoile, Baile Átha Cliath; Gerardo Gambolini, file agus aistritheoir ón Airgintín; agus David Malcolm, Ollscoil Gdansk, An Pholainn. Beidh plé painéil agus léamha ar siúl i rith an chláir freisin. Le cois an tSeimineáir i mbliana, tá Scoil Samhraidh Idirnáisiúnta – seachtain dianstaidéir ar shaothar John McGahern agus comhthéacsanna na hoibre sin – eagraithe ag OÉ Gaillimh. Áireofar an clár samhraidh seo mar chuid den 25ú Scoil Samhraidh Idirnáisiúnta sa Léann Éireannach in OÉ Gaillimh. Mar chomóradh ar an 25ú Scoil Samhraidh Idirnáisiúnta sa Léann Éireannach (1984-2008), bronnfaidh OÉ Gaillimh Céad Eagrán na Stát Aontaithe de chuimhní cinn John McGahern, All Will Be Well ar gach mac léinn a fhreastalaíonn ar Scoil Samhraidh 2008. Is féidir sceideal mionsonraithe den Seimineár a íoslódáil ó CRÍOCH

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