NUI Galway Hosts Irish Aid Development Conference

NUI Galway Hosts Irish Aid Development Conference-image

Monday, 5 November 2007

NUI Galway will host Irish Aid's Third Level Conference 'Development's Futures', from 24-25 November 2007. Minister of State for Overseas Development, Michael Kitt T.D., will officially open the event, which will be attended by some 200 practitioners and academics working in the field of international development and development education. The keynote address will be delivered by Michael Edwards, Director of the Governance and Civil Society Program at the Ford Foundation, one of the world's leading philanthropic foundations. Other speakers will include award-winning journalist Palagummi Sainath of The Hindu, who has been described as 'the conscience of the Indian nation'. An exhibition of his photographs on the theme of 'Women & Work in Rural India' will go on public display in conjunction with the conference. The conference aims to improve links between different sectors of the development community, with an emphasis on the importance of research to educators, practitioners and scholars alike. Over 80 papers reflecting the latest research and practice in development education and in international development issues will be presented over the two days of the conference. Panel sessions will also take place on topics including HIV/AIDS; Crisis and Conflict; Education Policies in Africa; NGO Partnerships for Poverty Reduction; Gender Perspectives; Environment; Volunteering; and Food Security. Welcoming the announcement of the conference, Minister of State Kitt said, "This conference is part of Irish Aid's commitment to promote development education in universities and other third-level institutions in Ireland. I am confident that it will facilitate contacts and networking between both third-level development education practitioners and academics working in the field of international development". According to conference convenor Dr. Su-ming Khoo, Department of Sociology and Political Science, NUI Galway, "This event will give international researchers, educators, practitioners and activists an opportunity to explore what the future holds for development. There is an onus on third-level institutions to engage with the development issues and support organisations and individuals to advance development cooperation through research and knowledge sharing". The registration fee for the conference has been heavily subsidised (€50 full fee or €25 for students), and those interested in attending should register as soon as possible at -ends-

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December 2007

The United Nations declares 2009 the 'International Year of Astronomy'

The United Nations declares 2009 the 'International Year of Astronomy'-image

Thursday, 20 December 2007

NUI Galway to co-ordinate Irish activities Today the United Nations (UN) 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the 'International Year of Astronomy'. The Resolution was submitted by Italy, Galileo Galilei's home country, and was co-sponsored by Ireland. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is an initiative of the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO. The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) will be a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to society and culture, highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo Galilei. The aim of this celebration is to stimulate worldwide interest, especially among young people, in astronomy and science under the central theme "The Universe: Yours to Discover". National Nodes in each country have been formed to prepare activities for 2009. In Ireland this will be headed by Professor Michael Redfern, Centre for Astronomy, NUI Galway. Professor Redfern will establish collaborations between professional and amateur astronomers, science centres, educators and science communicators in preparing activities for 2009. Professor Redfern said, "We are proud that Ireland is a co-sponsor of the motion that went before the UN, and a collaborator in IYA2009. In Ireland, we will focus on showing the universal appeal of astronomy to the public, and use the year to encourage more students to consider science as a career. As part of the process we will seek to provide a modern gender-balanced view of science and scientists, and will work especially hard to support our colleagues in the developing world who will also be using IYA2009 to promote science education at all levels." Professor Redfern added, "IYA2009 will also highlight global cooperation for peaceful purposes. For millennia, astronomers have worked together across boundaries including those of geography, gender, age, culture and race. These are precisely the principles embodied in the UN Charter. In that sense, astronomy is a classic example of how science can contribute towards furthering international cooperation." So far 99 nations and 14 organisations have signed up to participate in the IYA2009 – an unprecedented network of committed communicators and educators in astronomy. The President of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Catherine Cesarsky, says, "The International Year of Astronomy 2009 gives all nations a chance to participate in this ongoing exciting scientific and technological revolution." For more information on the 'International Year of Astronomy 2009' please visit the website at For information on Irish activities in IYA2009 visit the website at ENDS

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Excellent Year for Technology Transfer Activities at NUI Galway

Excellent Year for Technology Transfer Activities at NUI Galway-image

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The National University of Ireland, Galway reports an excellent year for technology transfer activities in 2007, as measured by license agreements, spin-out companies, new invention disclosures, patent applications, collaborative projects with industry and support to campus company formation. Commenting on the success during 2007, Dr Daniel O'Mahony, Director, Technology Transfer office, said, "The achievements of 2007 reflect the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the entire TTO staff in accelerating value creation and technology commercialization, the commitment of the research community at NUI Galway to excellence in applied research programmes and support of collaborative projects with industry, university support to basic and applied research programmes, along with the ability and mandate of the TTO team to capitalise on the R&D outputs arising from funding support from Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, IDA and other funding bodies over the past three to five years". Licensing In the past year the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) executed twenty-four (24) license and option agreements across a range of technology areas including various molecular diagnostic technologies, waste water treatment technologies, metal oxide coating technology, wave to energy technology, error correction code technology, wind blade and composite technology, enzyme technology to convert biomass to bio-energy, advance person recognition technology, technology for integration of medical equipment and data records in hospital systems, amongst others. In addition a number of start-up companies were formed following licensing of technologies and intellectual property from NUI Galway including Eirzyme Ltd, Theta Chemicals Ltd, Syncrophi Ltd, with a number of other spin-out companies at late stage negotiation. License income increased ten (10) fold year-on-year. Awards A further measure of the commercialization activities at NUI Galway was recognized at the Enterprise Ireland Annual Conference on Industrial Products where researchers from the University secured four (4) of the eight (8) awards given out in recognition of technology development and technology commercialization including awards to: Dr Michael Rodgers, Department of Civil Engineering; Dr Jimmy McManus and Professor Des Cunningham (RIP), Department of Chemistry; and Dr Conchúr O'Bradaigh, Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. Each year a special bursary is awarded at this conference to the Principal Investigator who through their research has made a substantial contribution to Irish society and industry and this year Dr Michael Rodgers received this prestigious award for his research on Waste Water Treatment systems. Invention During 2007 some thirty (30) new invention disclosures were lodged by researchers at NUI Galway with the TTO, many with multiple inventions, contributing to thirty (30) patent applications filed. In total ninety-five (95) confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs) and thirty-five (35) materials transfer agreements (MTAs) were also executed with industry. To support technology commercialization the TTO also invested in the Inteum IP Management System and reconfigured its Incubation facility to provide incubation and bio-incubation space for 24 companies in ICT and engineering and 6 life-sciences / biotech companies. Partnership During the past year the Technology Transfer Initiative (TTI) team at the TTO, supported by a grant from Enterprise Ireland, secured in excess of 30 Enterprise Ireland funded Innovation Partnership R&D collaborative projects with industry, spread across small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and Multi National companies (MNCs). In addition a number of other major collaborative projects with industry were supported through the TTO including IDA-supported projects between Smith & Nephew with the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) and a collaborative project between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), NUI Galway and TCD. During 2007 the TTO also secured a number of grants to support its activities including a grant from Enterprise Ireland to hire three (3) additional Commercialization Executives funded by Enterprise Ireland, which complement the existing team of three (3) Commercialization Executives and Administrative team funded directly by NUI Galway. Entrepreneurial Support In 2007 the TTO launched a 'New Entrepreneurial Forum' with programmes being run in two stages. Stage one of the programme is a new eight week Campus Commercialization Programme (CCP) tailored to the needs of the research community on campus. The vision and philosophy of this CCP programme is to provide researchers and emerging entrepreneurs on campus with some of the fundamental knowledge and skill-sets in the pursuit of enterprise development. There is a strong focus on market assessments and the delivery of tailored solutions and technology offerings to the market on time. The team has developed a unique product offering for researchers and look forward to opening up this programme to other campuses across the BMW region. Two CCP's were run in 2007, involving a total of 26 participants across a spectrum of NUI Galway key research sectors, including Web2.0, biomedical, renewable energy, applied optics, marine sciences, and power electronics. Stage two is designed to support the "migration of researchers to entrepreneurs" with kick-off in December 2007. Fourteen Entrepreneurs are being guided though the commercialization process bringing their business concepts to a reality, either in the form of a start-up, progression to HPSU status or licensing out their technology to a 3rd party. This New Entrepreneurial Forum is funded through a combination of grant support from the Western Development Commission (WDC) and Údarás na Gaeltachta along with central support from the TTO. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Collaboration The TTO also kicked off a new collaborative pilot programme for early stage researchers on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization of Research & Technology Transfer with UCC and TCD. This module is part of a HEA SIF phase 1 funded project, with an objective of developing key transferable generic skills and high level training modules. This project is ongoing for three years and is funded by the HEA. This programme will be utilised by the TTO as a mechanism of developing the entrepreneurial minded graduate at an early stage in the academic lifecycle. The TTO is also part of the Lionra 'Business Mentoring for Winners' BMW project where funds have been given to support our Campus Innovation Centre companies. The funding secured through the TTO in 2007 was to allow some eligible companies access independent expert advice on ways to increase their commercial potential, covering areas such as product development, funding opportunities, licensing, sales process amongst others. Professor Nicholas Canny, Vice-President for Research at NUI Galway, said, "These achievements in technology commercialization in 2007 ranks NUI Galway as a leading university in terms of technology commercialization per every €1million invested in research". Professor Jim Browne, Registrar and Deputy President at NUI Galway, said, "When NUI Galway established the TTO office in late 2005 our vision was that the office would identify, protect and commercialize the intellectual property outputs and assets of the university and put a strategy in place to deliver on this mandate. During 2006 the TTO put the dedicated team, infrastructure, framework, procedures and policies in place to deliver on this vision. During 2007 the TTO executed this vision and strategy with excellent results and we look forward further growing the licensing activities and technology commercialization in the coming year". ENDS

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NUI Galway receive 8 Stoke Professorship and Lectureship Awards

NUI Galway receive 8 Stoke Professorship and Lectureship Awards-image

Monday, 17 December 2007

Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment announced 8 awards for NUI Galway in the recent funding awards of €44.55 million, creating 67 new research posts in Higher Education Institutes, under the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Stokes Professorship and Lectureship Programme. Of the 8 NUI Galway awardees, three will take up their positions between January and March 2008: Prof. George Reid, who received Professor of Cancer Biology; Lokesh Joshi who received Professor of Glyoscience; and Andrea Erxleben who received lectureship in Medicinal Chemistry. Professor Nicholas Canny, Vice-President for Research at NUI Galway, said, "The success in the Stokes competition consolidates the research achievements of NUI Galway and adds greatly to our capacity to attract future research funding and to supervise PhD students."

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Enterprise Ireland Awards NUI Galway Inventors

Enterprise Ireland Awards NUI Galway Inventors-image

Monday, 17 December 2007

NUI Galway claimed top awards in the Industrial Products Sector where their inventors claimed 4 of the 8 awards presented at this year's event. The awards presented were as follows: Dr Michael Rodgers, Department of Civil Engineering (Licence of a Waste Water Technology to Envirocare Ltd); Dr Jimmy McManus & Professor Des Cunningham (RIP) Department of Chemistry, (Licence of a Metal Oxide Technology to the start-up company Theta Chemicals Ltd.); Dr Conchur O'Bradaigh, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Licence of a Wind Turbine Blade Technology to EireComposities Ltd). Each year a special bursary is awarded to the Principal Investigator who through their research has made a substantial contribution to Irish society and industry. This year Dr Michael Rodgers received this prestigious award for his research on Waste Water Treatment systems.

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NUI Galway Alumni Gather for Christmas

NUI Galway Alumni Gather for Christmas-image

Friday, 14 December 2007

The annual NUI Galway Alumni Association Christmas Gathering takes place from 5-7pm on Thursday, 20 December, in the Aula Maxima. Now in its third year, all graduates are invited to the event to catch up with old friends over mulled wine and mince pies. This year's Alumni Association Christmas Gathering will feature Christmas carols performed by the Orbsen Choir. The choir is comprised of a mix of undergraduates, postgraduates, as well as recent alumni and is led by former University Choral Society auditor, Peter Mannion. According to Mike Gaffney, Chairperson of the Alumni Association Board, "Coming back to NUI Galway at this time of year is a wonderful experience especially as a graduate. Unlike your time spent here as a student, there are no exams to worry about and you never know who you'll bump into". All graduates are encouraged to come along, bring a friend, and pass on the message to former classmates. For further details contact Sheila Gorham on 091 493750 or email - ends -

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NUI Galway Launches 'Connect Programme'

NUI Galway Launches 'Connect Programme'-image

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Seven new specialised undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Degrees NUI Galway has officially launched its 'CONNECT Programme', consisting of seven new specialised undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees. Designed to increase the employability of graduates, the four-year programmes will develop distinctive skills and provide real world experience by creating connections for students with life beyond the campus. The seven new CONNECT degrees are: BA with Children's Studies; BA with Creative Writing; BA with Film Studies; BA with Human Rights; BA with Irish Studies; BA with Theatre and Performance; and BA with Women's Studies. The degrees will immerse students in their chosen field and include a full year of educational placement in the community, portfolio preparation, creative practice, study abroad, service-learning or work experience within Non-Governmental Organisations. According to Professor Kevin Barry, the Dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, "The new CONNECT programmes will enable students to engage in a very practical way with their most passionate interests, and to develop their confidence in the public sphere. Whether they choose Theatre and Performance, Children's Studies, Human Rights, or Film, in each CONNECT programme students will enjoy active participation both on campus and in the world of work". Professor Barry added "NUI Galway, and the city of Galway itself, have developed very strong resources in these areas, as well as in Irish Studies, Creative Writing and Women's Studies. The CONNECT programmes are designed to open these resources for the first time to a new generation of undergraduate students". In the first year of a BA CONNECT Programme each student will select three subjects and a specialism. Each CONNECT student group will meet weekly in an active learning environment to engage with their chosen specialism, under the guidance of the Programme Director. In second year, students continue with two subjects and their chosen specialism. In third year students will pursue their specialism in a choice of environment that may include: on-campus and off-campus learning opportunities; study at a partner university in North America, the UK or Europe; placement with public bodies (for example, Non Governmental Organisations) and work experience within the creative industries of film and drama. In fourth year, students will complete their studies in their two Degree subjects and incorporate in their final projects knowledge gained in the specialist study they have followed in the previous years. -ends-

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Over €6m sanctioned by Ó Cuív for Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, NUI Galway

Over €6m sanctioned by Ó Cuív for Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, NUI Galway-image

Monday, 10 December 2007

Éamon Ó Cuív T.D., Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, has sanctioned a grant of €6m for Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, National University of Ireland, Galway and for the university's sub-centres operating in the Gaeltacht. This grant is being provided to enable the Acadamh to develop and promote its Irish language measures. The Minister said that the Acadamh greatly enhances the Irish langauge educational opportunities available to Gaeltacht and Irish language communities and that it has a very positive impact on the social, economic and cultural lives, as well as on the language, of those communities in general. With regard to language planning, the activities of Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge greatly assist the various Gaeltacht communities through the courses it provides in that area and through the research and consultancy services it provides to various organisations. NUI Galway has set out a challenging approach to third level education through Irish in its Strategic Plan. Third level accredited courses will be offered fully through Irish in various locations within and outside the Gaeltacht. Minister Ó Cuív said that third level education through Irish is dealing with the erosion of rural communities and reinforcing the status and profile of the Irish language. "New language-friendly employment is promoted. The Acadamh has a central role in supporting the community development process and in developing a language-centred Gaeltacht infrastructure," according to the Minister. He added that he is delighted to provide this assistance, especially in the context of course delivery costs through Irish being higher than course delivery costs through English.

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Deontas de €6m Ceadaithe ag Ó Cuív d'Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoi

Deontas de €6m Ceadaithe ag Ó Cuív d'Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoi-image

Monday, 10 December 2007

Tá deontas ar fiú €6m thar tréimhse trí bliana ceadaithe ag Éamon Ó Cuív T.D., an tAire Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta, d'Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh agus na fo-ionaid ollscoile atá ag feidhmiú sa Ghaeltacht. Cuireadh an deontas seo ar fáil mar chúnamh dóibh chun a gcuid beartais ar mhaithe leis an nGaeilge a fhorbairt agus a chur chun cinn. Dúirt an tAire go gcuireann an tAcadamh go mór leis na deiseanna oideachais trí mheán na Gaeilge atá ar fáil do phobal na Gaeltachta agus na Gaeilge agus go mbíonn tionchar thar a bheith dearfach acu ar shaol sóisialta, eacnamaíoch, cultúrtha agus teanga na bpobal sin trí chéile. I gcás na pleanála teanga, cuidíonn gníomhaíochtaí Acadaimh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge go mór le pobail éagsúla sa Ghaeltacht, trí na cúrsaí a chuireann siad ar fáil sa réimsí sin agus trí na seirbhisí taighde & comhairleacht a chuireann siad ar fáil d'eagraíochtaí éagsúla. Tá cur chuige dúshlánach leagtha amach ag Ollscoil na hÉireann Gaillimh don ollscolaíocht trí Ghaeilge ina Plean Straitéiseach. Beidh cúrsaí creidiúnaithe tríú leibhéal á dtairiscint go hiomlán trí Ghaeilge in ionaid éagsúla laistigh agus lasmuigh den Ghaeltacht. Dúirt an tAire Ó Cuív go bhfuil an ollscolaíocht Ghaeilge ag dul i ngleic le creimeadh an phobail tuaithe agus ag láidriú staid agus próifíl na Gaeilge. "Cuirtear fostaíocht nua chun cinn atá teanga-chairdiúil. Tá ról lárnach ag an Acadamh ag tacú leis an bpróiséas forbartha pobail agus ag cruthú bonneagar Gaeltachta atá teanga lárnaithe," a deir an tAire. Dúirt sé go raibh áthas air an cúnamh seo a chur ar fáil go háirithe i gcomhthéacs costais seachadtha chúrsaí trí Ghaeilge a bheith níos airde ná costais chúrsaí a sheachadtar trí Bhéarla.

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Spórt Roghnaithe mar Théama Ceiliúrtha an Mhórfhéasta Ollscoile

Spórt Roghnaithe mar Théama Ceiliúrtha an Mhórfhéasta Ollscoile -image

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tá na sonraí is déanaí maidir le naoú Mórfhéasta bliantúil OÉ Gaillimh fógartha – imeacht a bheidh ar siúl in Óstán an Radisson SAS Dé Sathairn, an 1 Márta 2008. Díreoidh téama Mhórfhéasta 2008 ar thiomantas na hOllscoile do chúrsaí spóirt anseo ar an gcampas. Measann formhór na mac léinn anseo go gcuireann comhaltacht agus/nó rannpháirtíocht i gcúrsaí spóirt go mór leis an am a chaitheann siad in OÉ Gaillimh. Is iomaí buntáiste a bhaineann le comhaltacht agus/nó rannpháirtíocht i gcúrsaí spóirt – sláinte, folláine, comhluadar agus forbairt phearsanta – mar aon le háis úsáideach chun cothroime a bhaint amach idir an saol oibre agus an saol acadúil. Dúirt an tOllamh Ger Hurley, Leas-Uachtarán um Thionscnaimh Straitéiseacha agus Gnóthaí Seachtracha, OÉ Gaillimh, "Is é atá mar aidhm againn anseo in OÉ Gaillimh rogha spóirt a sholáthar don uile dhuine agus spreagadh a thabhairt do mhic léinn leas a bhaint as na hacmhainní atá le fáil ar an gcampas – is léir anois go bhfuil feabhas mór ag teacht ar an hacmhainní atá ar fáil de bhrí go bhfuil Ionad Spóirt nua á fhorbairt i láthair na huaire. Tá an bhéim a leagtar ar rannpháirtíocht mac léinn i gcúrsaí spóirt ag teacht le héiteas OÉ Gaillimh – is é sin gurb é an phríomhfhreagracht atá orainn leas agus folláine ár mac léinn." Dúirt an tOllamh Hurley, "bunaithe ar théama Mhórfhéasta 2008, trí urraíocht fhlaithiúil ó Aer Arann, tá ar ár gcumas an t-ochtú duais a bhronnadh – Duais Alumni Aer Arann d'Éachtaí agus Ceannaireacht Spóirt." Ceann de bhuaicphointí an imeachta, atá anois ar mhórimeacht náisiúnta agus ceann de phríomhimeachtaí sóisialta Iarthar na hÉireann, é bronnadh na nDuaiseanna Alumni gach bliain. Ceiliúrann na duaiseanna seo an tábhacht a bhaineann le hoideachas OÉ Gaillimh ar feadh an tsaoil agus tugann sé aitheantas d'fheabhas agus d'éachtaí daoine aonair i measc 65,000 céimí na hOllscoile atá scaipthe ar fud an domhain. Seo a leanas liosta de bhuaiteoirí na n-ocht nduais alumni atá le bronnadh ag Mórfhéasta 2008: Duais Hewlett-Packard don Ghaeilge Gráinne Seoige, Craoltóir Duais TBD don Innealtóireacht, an Teicneolaíocht Faisnéise agus an Mhatamaitic John Ryan, Cathaoirleach an Bhoird, Macrovision Corporation Duais Bhanc na hÉireann don Ghnó & an Tráchtáil Brian Joyce, Cathaoirleach, Clancourt Holdings; Stiúrthóir, Kingspan Duais Seavite don Eolaíocht Dúlra An Dr Peter Heffernan, Príomhoifigeach Feidhmiúcháin Fhoras na Mara Duais AIB don Litríocht, an Chumarsáid & na hEalaíona Julian Gough, Úrscéalaí agus Ceoltóir Duais OÉ Gaillimh don Dlí, an tSeirbhís Phoiblí agus an Rialtas Séamus Brennan, An tAire Ealaíon, Spóirt agus Turasóireachta Duais Medtronic don Chúram Sláinte agus an Eolaíocht Mhíochaine An Dr Frank Giles, Príomhoifigeach na Roinne Haemaiteolaíochta agus na hOinceolaíochta Leighis sa San Antonio Cancer Institute Duais-Aer-Arann-d'Éachtaí-agus-Ceannaireacht-Spóirt Joe McDonagh, Iar-Uachtarán CLG & Sáriománaí Sinsearach -Críoch-

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