Galway Children ‘Graduate’ From NUI Galway

Galway Children ‘Graduate’ From NUI Galway-image

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NUI Galway recently conferred the third cohort of graduates from its Youth Academy. At the special ceremony held at the University, 158 primary school children from across Galway City and County were presented with certificates of participation by President of NUI Galway, Dr Jim Browne, with more than 800 attending the ceremony. Established in 2012, the Youth Academy aims to inspire entry to university by introducing children and their families to university life. Since its foundation, over 400 children have graduated from a range of specially designed courses including English, Engineering, Information Technology, Psychology, Science Exploration, Mandarin, Philosophical Discovery, Italian language and culture, Physics and Irish History. The Youth Academy runs for a six-week period on a Saturday morning from 10am to 12.30pm, and works with high ability fourth and fifth class primary school children to support their learning and academic development, in partnership with their primary schools. The programme is free to attend due to funding received through the Office of the Vice-President for Innovation and Performance at NUI Galway. Speaking at the event, President of NUI Galway, Dr Jim Browne, said: “NUI Galway is committed to sharing knowledge with the wider community and ensuring that the pathways to university are open to all. I would like to pay tribute to the commitment and support of the parents gathered, for encouraging a culture of learning and knowledge among some of the youngest members of the community, who will go onto to fuel the knowledge economy.” The Youth Academy was founded by NUI Galway colleagues, Mary Dempsey, College of Engineering and Informatics, Dr Caroline Heary, School of Psychology, and Lorraine McIlrath, Community Knowledge Initiative, and is supported by Vice-President for Innovation and Performance, Professor Chris Curtin. The Irish Centre for Talented Youth, based in Dublin City University, has supported and helped guide the activity. On behalf of the founding members, Mary Dempsey said: “I believe that the combination of forward thinking, enthusiastic and energetic youth academy children linked through structured modules together with encouraging academics can indeed be a recipe for success. It can create and encourage an environment of innovation and self directed learning to meet the future needs of the knowledge economy.” For further information on the programme please contact Geraldine Marley, the Youth Academy Coordinator, at -ENDS-

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Prestigious EU Appointment for NUI Galway Professor

Prestigious EU Appointment for NUI Galway Professor-image

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gerard Quinn, Professor at the School of Law at NUI Galway and Director of its Centre for Disability Law and Policy, has been appointed to the Scientific Committee of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) which is headquartered in Vienna. The EU FRA is one of the specialised agencies of the EU which was set up in 2007 to provide expert advice to the EU and its Member States to ensure that the fundamental rights of people living in the EU are respected.  It helps to inform EU law and policy and to ensure that its power is properly harnessed to respect fundamental rights. The Scientific Committee oversees the quality of the research of the FRA across a broad range of topics (e.g. racism, the rights of older people, privacy, the quality of the democratic process, etc.). This June, Professor Quinn joins eleven other widely renowned experts from across Europe for a five year term. Speaking on his appointment, Professor Quinn said: “Europe is at a historic turning point away from failed economic and social models. It has a chance to reinvent itself as a force for good in its own citizens’ lives and around the world. This turn is by no means assured. But bodies like the EU FRA are at the fore of helping to redefine the EU of the future. That's why I am involved.”   The Head of the School of Law at NUI Galway, Professor Donncha O’Connell, said: “I would like to warmly congratulate Professor Quinn on this prestigious international appointment. It speaks directly to his impressive track record as an engaged scholar animated by impact in the domain of public policy, something to which the School of Law at NUI Galway is deeply committed.” -ENDS-

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New CAO Hotline for Leaving Cert Students

New CAO Hotline for Leaving Cert Students-image

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Just finished the Leaving Cert and unsure of your CAO choices? Thinking about the change of mind deadline but need more information on your course choices? NUI Galway has opened a dedicated CAO Hotline to provide information and advice to students planning to start University in September.  A dedicated Hotline Team will provide detailed information on NUI Galway’s 60 undergraduate degree courses, as well as on other aspects of University life. Students, parents and guardians interested in getting further information on NUI Galway should call (091) 49 44 99, Monday to Friday, to speak to an expert. NUI Galway offers a wide range of courses across most subject areas, including Arts, Business, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Healthcare courses, Science, IT and Engineering. As well as the full suite of traditional broad-based degree programmes, which allow students to keep their options open until the later stages of study, NUI Galway also offers a wide range of specialist degree courses in areas where the University has unique strengths. Popular choices at NUI Galway include Biomedical Science, Marine Science, Engineering, IT and Drama and Theatre Studies. New courses for 2013 include a Journalism degree and a new Physics programme. With such a broad range of choice on offer, it’s not surprising that CAO applicants are looking for advice and information. Commenting on the new CAO Hotline, Director of Marketing and Communications, Caroline Loughnane, said: “Every year, more and more students are availing of the Change of Mind option to revise their course choices. Choosing the right course for you is the most important decision a Leaving Cert student has to make. So it’s important to research all of your options carefully before making that final decision. Our CAO Hotline aims to provide students with all of the practical information they need to make informed decisions about courses at NUI Galway.” Call NUI Galway on (091) 49 44 99 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, to speak to an expert and get all of your questions answered.

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New Approach in Tackling Global Threat to Bees

New Approach in Tackling Global Threat to Bees-image

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NUI Galway and Advance Science join forces to help save the honey bee Irish company Advance Science and NUI Galway are bringing together beekeepers from around Ireland for a workshop to help tackle a disease threatening bee hives. The free workshop on 27 June, will be the first in a series helping beekeepers identify the Nosema parasite that causes a disease known as Nosemosis.  The Nosemosis disease is strongly linked with Colony Collapse Disorder with the result that honey bee colonies are under threat around the world. On average, one in every three hives are dying each year, with up to 90% losses being experienced by some apiaries. Currently, as a result of disease, there are no wild honey bees in Ireland. It is now recognised that this decline in bee colonies is having a significant negative impact on the natural pollination of plant species, including many crops that are sources of global food. Apart from biodiversity decline this also has a potential catastrophic knock-on effect on the global food economy. The University is bringing its expertise in combining microscopy and DNA sequencing to a research collaboration with Advance Science, which develops natural nutritional products to help support bee health.  Advance Science is part of a cluster of innovative research and development companies based in the Inagh Valley Trust in Connemara, supported by NUI Galway. In collaboration with NUI Galway and with support from Údarás na Gaeltachta, Advance Science has developed HiveAliveTM, a unique blend of bio-active extracts from both land and marine organisms. HiveAliveTM is designed to help strengthen the honey bee against stress factors such as pesticides, diseases and parasites. As Dara Scott, Managing Director of Advance Science, explains “The honey bee produces nearly 1.5 million tonnes of honey worldwide each year and pollinates up to one third of the plants generating the food we eat. As an avid beekeeper myself, I can see first-hand that the risks to the honey bee colonies are increasing and a natural solution was needed.” Dr Grace McCormack is head of Zoology at NUI Galway. Her research group uses a combination of approaches including microscopy and DNA sequencing to identify, and investigate diversity in, animals and the organisms that cause animal disease. Dr Grace McCormack commented “It will be great to bring together beekeepers from around the country and assist them in being able to identify this new disease.” There are plans being discussed to set up a dedicated Bee Research Centre at NUI Galway to further work on bee diseases, education and bee sustainability. Collaborating with other groups, both north and south of the border, the goal is to allow the Native Irish bee to return to the wild - helping not only the bees but the flowers they pollinate and the biodiversity this brings.         

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Open Society Foundations Supports Cinema and Human Rights Theme at NUI Galway

Open Society Foundations Supports Cinema and Human Rights Theme at NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

An intense ten-day summer school at NUI Galway will help filmakers engage with pressing human rights issues. The Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy (CHRA) Summer School, from 27 June - 6 July, is funded by Open Society Foundations. The Foundation, backed by investor and philanthropist George Soros, has this year doubled its funding to CHRA projects through its Open Society Media Programme and Youth Initiative. Now in its seventh year, the CHRA Summer School is organised by the NUI Galway’s Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Students and talented young filmmakers will attend from Burkina Faso, India, Myanmar, Jordan, Palestine, Hong Kong, Australia, Ethiopia and several European countries. Rod Stoneman is Director of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media: “Film is a key tool in communicating across borders and cultures, and it can be a very powerful tool for highlighting the struggles people face on a daily basis. Because of this, it can play a critical role in highlighting key human rights issues and promoting basic freedom around the world.” Summer school participants will broaden their understanding of film, media and human rights, while strengthening their filmmaking skills. The event also provides an opportunity to develop ideas on film projects with fellow participants and internationally acclaimed experts in of film, television, photography and human rights. In the last six months, CHRA has travelled to Burkina Faso, London and Hong Kong to deliver seminars and workshops in collaboration with local universities, film schools and human rights film festivals. “Thanks to support from Open Society Foundations, the summer school plans to extend its training activities in the future to new regions where human rights are crucial and urgent,” explains Rod Stoneman. “For example, our recent workshops in Hong Kong proved relevant for participants from mainland China, where universities have recently been instructed not to discuss press freedom, human rights or ‘previous mistakes of the Communist Party’.” The Summer School will coincide with Films That Matter , a three-day human rights film event organised in Galway by Amnesty Ireland and One World Centre in order to give participants the chance to assist human rights films which forms a basis for critical discussion.

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Summer School on Human Rights, Migration and Globalization at NUI Galway

Summer School on Human Rights, Migration and Globalization at NUI Galway -image

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway will host its inaugural Summer School on ‘Human Rights, Migration and Globalization’ from 8-12 July. This year’s focus is ‘Defining and Promoting Human Rights of Migrants in an Era of Globalization’. The five days of intensive sessions will be led by experts including Professor Francois Crépeau, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants. Open to those interested in the contemporary challenges of migration and human rights protection, including practitioners, journalists, NGO representatives, government officials and students, the Summer School will familiarise participants with the sources of migrants’ rights and the available protection mechanisms. It will provide participants with an understanding of the major tensions underlying the issue of the protection of migrants’ rights and of how globalization shapes these tensions. The programme will include social activities that will allow participants to network with each other and the panel of experts in a relaxed environment. According to Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui, Director of the Summer School and Lecturer at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway: “Migration is an integral part of humanity’s history. However, it becomes increasingly more complex and multifaceted today. No country can avoid dealing with migration. Ireland is no exception. And perhaps challenges Ireland is facing are more pressing because within the Irish political and social landscape immigration is often regarded as a new and unfamiliar issue. The Summer School aims at filling this gap.” Speakers for this inaugural year’s summer school include: Professor Francois Crépeau, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants Professor Tomoya Obokata, Professor of International Law and Human Rights, School of Law, Keele University Professor Michael O'Flaherty, Co-director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights and Chief Commissioner at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Mariette Grange, Senior Researcher at the Global Detention Project of the Program for the Study of Global Migration at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva Helen Lowry, Director of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland Maria Stavropoulou, Director of the Greek Asylum Services Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui, Lecturer and LLM Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway Dr Noelle Higgins, Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway Peter Fitzmaurice, Visiting Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway For more information, including details on how to register visit For additional queries, email -ENDS-

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Research to Help Replicate Success of Great Western Greenway for Cyclists

Research to Help Replicate Success of Great Western Greenway for Cyclists-image

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A research team from Civil Engineering at NUI Galway has launched a survey of the Great Western Greenway to aid the design of similar cycling routes nationwide. The greenway, which runs from Westport to Achill Sound, has proven a major success since the full length of track was opened two years ago. Recent studies have shown that 400 people use the greenway every day during the summer and the route contributes €1.1 million to the local economy each year. There are plans to create a 2,000km National Cycle Network, to replicate the success of the Great Western Greenway around the country. To create the best design, the NUI Galway survey asks a series of questions about users’ impressions of the Mayo greenway design and provision of facilities. Other questions request feedback on how the greenway could be improved and how cycling can be promoted. PhD student in Civil Engineering, Richard Manton, said: “The Great Western Greenway is the first of its kind in Ireland and is a great resource for commuting, recreation and tourism. To encourage more people to walk and cycle, we need many more of these routes nationwide. Our survey will estimate the economic and environmental impact of the greenway and provide design guidance for other greenways up and down the country.” Dr Eoghan Clifford, lecturer in Civil Engineering and a member of the Ryan Institue at NUI Galway, said: “Cycling and walking are key components of national and international transport, tourism, health and environmental strategies. This research at NUI Galway is developing new tools that enable national and local governments develop sustainable and cost effective infrastructure and maximise active forms of transport and increase ‘green’ tourism.” The survey has been launched following the very successful Bike Week 2013, which encouraged people to cycle to work, to school and for recreation. The greenway survey is available online at and hardcopies are available in most bike shops and hotels along the route. For further information, please contact ENDs

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Cruinniú togra idirnáisiúnta in Ionad an Acadaimh, Carna

Cruinniú togra idirnáisiúnta in Ionad an Acadaimh, Carna-image

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tháinig 26 toscaire as deich dtír Eorpach le chéile ag ceann d’ionaid oideachais agus chultúrtha Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, OÉ Gaillimh, ar 18 agus 19 Meitheamh chun ardán nuálach idirlín a chuireann foghlaim teangacha chun cinn a phlé.  Faigheann an togra maoiniú ó EACEA (Education, Audiovision & Culture Executive Agency) de chuid an Aontais Eorpaigh faoin gclár Foghlaim Fadsaoil.  Bhí toscairí ón gCipir, An Eastóin, An Ghréig, An Iodáil, An Pholainn, An Phortaingéil, An Rómáin, An Spáinn, Tír na mBascach agus ó Shasana i láthair chomh maith leis an Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, ceannaire an togra in OÉ, Gaillimh, an Dr Dorothy Ní Uigín, Rose Ní Dhubdha agus Jennifer Lertola, as OÉ Gaillimh, chun obair a dhéanamh ar ClipFlair: Foghlaim Teangacha Iasachta trí Fhotheidealú agus Athghuthú Idirghníomhach Míreanna ( Is é aidhm ClipFlair tacú le foghlaim teangacha trí úsáid a bhaint as feidhmchlár áisiúil don athghuthú agus don fhotheidealú. Úsáideann múinteoirí teanga ábhar closamhairc go minic ina gcuid ranganna ar mhaithe leis an éagsúlacht agus chun míreanna cultúrtha neamhbhriathartha a chur i láthair na bhfoghlaimeoirí, agus níos tábhachtaí fós, chun míreanna teangeolaíochta agus cultúrtha na cumarsáide a chur i láthair i gcomhthéacs cuí. Bíonn deacrachtaí ag múinteoirí uaireanta, áfach, tascanna gníomhacha a aimsiú a spreagfadh foghlaimeoirí agus a sheachnódh an fhéachaint éighníomhach. Is feidhmchlár áisiúil é ClipFlair chun gníomhaíochtaí a fhorbairt agus a úsáid a spreagann foghlaimeoirí chun ábhar closamhairc a úsáid i mbealach eifeachtach, trí dhubáil a dhéanamh nó fotheidil a chur le mír físe (radharc ó scannán, mír faisnéise nó nuachta etc). Is féidir ansin na gníomhaíochtaí a roinnt trí Ghréasán Shóisialta ClipFlair. Ag sosanna sa chruinniú dhá lá, bhí deis ag toscairí taitneamh a bhaint as tírdhreach álainn an cheantair agus as oíche chultúrtha le ceoltóirí agus amhránaithe cumasacha áitiúla.  Chuaigh an t-atmaisféar réchúiseach, cairdiúil i bhfeidhm ar chách agus dúirt an Dr Stravroula Sokoli, ó Computer Technology Institute, Patras (An Ghréig), ceannaire an togra, go raibh an teacht le chéile i gCarna, ní amháin tairbheach ach taitneamhach agus nach ndéanfaí dearmad go héasca air.  Dúirt an Dr Dorothy Ní Uigín, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, OÉ Gaillimh, gur chuidigh an turas go Carna le heolas a scaipeadh ar obair an Acadaimh agus Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh trí chéile agus iad ag tabhairt an oideachais amach as an ollscoil agus isteach sna pobail. Tá sé seo ag teacht go mór leis na hiarrachtaí atá ar bun ag ClipFlair féin ag scaipeadh an oideachais ar dhaoine tríd an idirlíon.   -Críoch-

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Galway University Foundation Awards Bursaries for Latin American Students

Galway University Foundation Awards Bursaries for Latin American Students-image

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Galway University Foundation recently awarded bursaries to seven students of NUI Galway’s BA in Latin American Studies programme. The bursary, worth €2,000, will allow the recipient to undertake a period of study in a Latin American university during their third year of the programme. The BA with Latin American Studies is a unique four-year undergraduate programme organised by the Spanish Section of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at NUI Galway. The degree started in September 2010 with no such programme existing at any other Irish university. Currently, NUI Galway has exchange arrangements with universities in Mexico, Chile and Argentina, and intends to build on this to include exchanges to other eminent universities in Latin America. The first cohort of four students are currently studying at universities in Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile, and another three students will go to universities in Mexico and Chile in the coming academic year, 2013-14. Professor Bill Richardson, Head of Spanish at NUI Galway said: “This is an exciting and innovative development at NUI Galway. The growing economies of Latin America represent an important opportunity for our students and future graduates. While most students of Spanish spend a year abroad at Spanish universities, where they can avail of European funding via the Erasmus programme, no such funding has been available to students undertaking study at Latin American universities until now. Additionally, there is increased cost involved in funding a year of study in Latin America, given the added cost of travelling to Mexico, Chile or Argentina and the bursary will help students overcome this.” The BA with Latin American Studies allows students to take a similar route to the traditional BA with two subjects. It offers the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse regions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students graduating with a BA in Latin American Studies, as well as having a regular Arts Degree, will have developed a broad socio-cultural understanding of Latin America, in addition to their linguistic abilities. Latin America is an important emerging market. The development of the BA with Latin American Studies is a recognition of this and will facilitate students to take advantage of the opportunities that this creates for them. Career options include a variety of roles in business contexts, along with teaching, translation, media and communications, arts and culture, or positions in international or non-governmental organistations. For more information on the BA with Latin American Studies or on the bursaries contact Professor Bill Richardson, Head of Spanish at NUI Galway on 091 492136 or -ENDS-

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NUI Galway Summer Conferring

NUI Galway Summer Conferring -image

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NUI Galway today (26 June) conferred over 250 students including 72 doctoral degrees from across all disciplines. The largest cohort of students to graduate was 120 future doctors who received their Honours Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and Bachelor of Obstetrics (MB, BCh, BAO) degree. Among the cohort of medical students, Galway City native, Jennifer Scott, received 8 out of 15 Final Medical Medals for her academic performance. Every year, NUI Galway award the Final Medical Medals to the student who receives the highest mark in each subject area. Speaking at the ceremony, President of NUI Galway, Dr Jim Browne, said: “On behalf of NUI Galway, I congratulate each of today’s graduates. It is very encouraging to see the number of research and graduate degrees which we are conferring today. These graduate numbers continue to grow. From a base of about 50 doctorates per year at the turn of the millennium, we now confer up to 4 times that number annually.” President Browne added words of encouragement to graduates conferred at the ceremony: “Do not lose hope or courage in this current economic climate. You have what it takes to make a difference in our society. The opportunities you have to create your own environment and to shape your own futures are enormous.” International students were well represented at the ceremony, with the University welcoming a large number of graduates from, among other countries, Malaysia. -ENDS- __________________________ Searmanas Bronnta an tSamhraidh in OÉ Gaillimh Inniu (26 Meitheamh) bhronn OÉ Gaillimh céimeanna ar bhreis is 250 mac léinn, 72 PhD san áireamh, i ngach disciplín. Ar an ngrúpa is mó díobh bronnadh Baitsiléir Onóracha sa Leigheas, Baitsiléir sa Mháinliacht agus Baitsiléir sa Chnáimhseachas (MB, BCh, BAO) ar 120 ábhar dochtúra. Fuair Jennifer Scott as cathair na Gaillimhe, duine de na mic léinn leighis, 8 mBonn don Bhliain Deiridh Leighis as 15 Bhonn dá feidhmíocht acadúil. Gach bliain, bronnann OÉ Gaillimh Boinn Deiridh Leighis ar an mac léinn leis an marc is airde i ngach ábhar. Bhí an méid seo a leanas le rá ag Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh, an Dr Jim Browne le linn an tsearmanais: “Thar ceann OÉ Gaillimh, tréaslaím le gach duine agaibh. Ábhar misnigh dúinn ar fad is ea go bhfuil an oiread sin céimeanna taighde agus iarchéimeanna á mbronnadh againn inniu. Tá níos mó agus níos mó céimeanna á mbronnadh againn bliain i ndiaidh bliana. Bhíodh 50 céim dhochtúireachta in aghaidh na bliana á mbronnadh againn ag tús an chéid ach bronntar a cheithre oiread sin anois gach bliain."  Dúirt an tUachtarán leis na céimithe gur cheart dóibh aghaidh a thabhairt ar na blianta amach rompu le teann dóchais:  “Ná cuireadh cúrsaí geilleagair an lae lagmhisneach oraibh. Tá an cumas ag gach duine agaibh dul i bhfeidhm ar an tsochaí ar shlí éigin.  Níl teorainn ar bith leis na deiseanna atá agaibhse an cineál saoil is mian libh a chruthú daoibh féin agus lántairbhe a bhaint as na deiseanna a thiocfaidh in bhur dtreo sna blianta amach romhainn.” Bhí mic léinn idirnáisiúnta i láthair chomh maith ag an searmanas, agus an Ollscoil ag fáiltiú roimh chéimithe as an Malaeisia, i measc tíortha eile. -CRÍOCH-

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