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The NUI Galway Interactive Media Directory is designed to give those working in the media an overview of the extent of expertise available in the University. The directory lists staff who are willing, when possible, to speak on the area which they have expertise.

Staff willing to be interviewed ’as Gaeilge’ are identified by the letter G following their names.

How to Use the Media Directory

You can scroll through the NUI Galway Media Directory from page to page using the scroll bars and arrow keys as normal. However, the Directory also has additional navigation
elements to make it easier to use on screen.

Individual entries in the Discipline and Expertise indices are clickable links to allow you to jump directly to specific areas.

Navigation bar
The top of the page has navigation buttons A-Z to allow you to reach specific areas within the publication. For example, click on a particular letter to go direct to the disciplines starting with that letter.

Bookmarks and thumbnails
The Directory also has built-in bookmarks and page thumbnails, which you can access from the navigation panel of your viewing software.

Search Function
Your web browser has a built in search engine usually found by pressing “command f” on Mac or “control f” on PC.

Links through Desktop and Mobile Devices
The Directory has built-in clickable links to emails which work on both desktop and mobile devices. Phone numbers are also clickable when viewed on a smart phone.

The functionality of the document performs best when viewed through the Firefox Web Browser.

   Media Directory

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Quick facts

The Quadrangle at NUI Galway

NUI Galway Has Over:

  • 18,000 students
  • 3,000 international students from 115 countries
  • 2,500 staff members
  • 120 links with universities across the globe
  • 90,000 alumni in 107 countries
  • 170 years experience providing university education

NUI Galway Is:

  • Ireland's top University for graduate employability with 96% of our graduates employed or in further study within six months of graduating
  • The largest and oldest university in the west of Ireland

NUI Galway is world leading for research in:

  • Biomedical Science and Engineering
  • Web Science
  • Human Rights
  • Marine Science, Energy and Environmental Science
  • Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy
    Humanities, in particular literature, Theatre and Irish Studies