A number of Undergraduate programmes in NUIG are open on a competitive basis to students who present with a recognised QQI (FETAC) Qualification. In order to be considered for a place on these programmes, students are required to have completed the requisite Level 5 or Level 6 course and hold a minimum of five distinctions in the requisite modules. For a list of these possible entry routes, see below. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of QQI (Fetac) entry routes and requirements, see the CAO Website.

If you are a prospective student and would like more information about QQI (FETAC) Level 5 and Level 6 links to NUIG, Please contact Daniel Savery, Access Programme Co-ordinator at: Daniel.savery@nuigalway.ie

List of Linked QQI

NUIG Programme



GY101 Bachelor of Arts (Joint-Honours)


5M2154; 5M2073; 6M5014; 5M2102; 5M2468; 5M3114; 5M4468; 5M2181


GY115 Bachelor of Arts with Performing Arts Studies



GY118 Bachelor of Arts (Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies)



GY120 Bachelor of Arts (Child, Youth and Family: Policy and Practice)



GY123 Bachelor of Science (Applied Social Sciences)



GY206 Business Information Systems


5M2102; 5M2111; 5M0828; 5M2067; 5M0529

GY201 Commerce



GY261 Business Studies (Interview – International Hotel Management – Shannon)


5M1940; 5M2208; 5M2012; 5M2468; 5M1997; 5M2111; 5M2102; 5M2071; 5M0828; 5M2067; 5M2069; 5M2105; 5M5267; 5M3807; 5M5010; 5M2061; 5M2145; 5M2109; 5M2110; 5M4349; 5M2083; 5M2073; 5M5162; 5M2149; 5M2146; 5M3789; 5M4468; 5M5011; 5M2154; 5M2181; 5M3114

GY301 Science


5M3807;5M0529; 5M0536

GY405 Mechanical Engineering & Informatics


5M2145; 6M5145

GY413 Energy Systems Engineering


5M2145; 6M5145

GY515 General Nursing


5M4349; 5M4468; 5M4339

GY516 Psychiatric Nursing


5M4349; 5M4468; 5M4339

GY517 Midwifery


5M4349; 5M4468; 5M4339