The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for paying all NUI Galway suppliers.


NUI Galway values its relationships with its suppliers and is committed to paying all invoices within statutory timeframes.  We encourage all suppliers of goods and services to NUI Galway to become signatories to the Prompt Payment Code.  Please go to the website for further details.

NUI Galway can only pay valid invoices received from a supplier. We cannot pay on statements, altered invoices or invoices not addressed to NUI Galway. 

Where a School/Discipline/Unit has a dispute in relation to an invoice or delivery, the unit which has made the purchase should contact the supplier to raise the query. Prompt payment will commence following the date of resolution of the query.

PAYMENT METHOD   NUI Galway pays its suppliers by EFT (electronic funds transfer) directly into supplier bank accounts fortnightly .

Statutory Legal Regulations

Each invoice is paid in accordance with the Statutory Legal Regulations governing Public Bodies, as prescribed by the Revenue Commissioners. They are:

1. Tax Clearance Certificates

This is written confirmation from the Revenue that a company’s tax affairs are in order at the date of issue.  It is a requirement that a Tax Clearance Certificate is obtained from suppliers with whom more than €10,000 worth of business is placed in any 12-month period. Please inform suppliers at time of ordering of potential Tax clearance requirements.

2. Professional Services Withholding Tax

This is a withholding tax deductible at standard rate of 20% tax from payments for “professional services” made to individuals and companies by the University worldwide. Please see the Revenue website for further details on Withholding Tax

3. Construction Tax (Relevant Contract Tax)

NUI Galway is obliged to operate a scheme of RCT on payments to sub-contractors. Please see the Revenue website for further details on Relevant Contract Tax