How do I check the status of an Invoice on Agresso

Follow Agresso Menu (see below)

Invoice Enquiry

Log on to Agresso. Go to the Reports / Accounts Payable and click on Invoice Payment Enquiries.

A = Invoice has been registered
B = Invoice has been approved for payment in next payrun
C = Invoice has been paid

None of the above: Invoice hasn't been registered / received by Accounts Payable Office yet.

How do I check if a supplier is set up on Agresso

Follow Agresso Menu (see below)

Supplier Status

When are payments made to Suppliers?

NUI Galway pays its suppliers fortnightly by EFT (electronic funds transfer)

Schedule of Payments for 2020

Payment Type Cut-off Date Payment Date
Domestic/EU Euro payments 24th June 2020 1st July 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 1st July 2020 8th July 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 8th July 2020 15th July 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 15th July 2020 22nd July 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 22nd July 2020 29th July 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 29th July 2020 5th August 2020
All Payment Types 5th August 2020 11th August 2020
System Update - No Payments 12th August 2020 19th August 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 19th August 2020 26th August 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 26th August 2020 2nd September 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 2nd September 2020 9th September 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 9th September 2020 16th September 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 16th September 2020 23rd September 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 23rd September 2020 30th September 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 30th September 2020 7th October 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 7th October 2020 14th October 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 14th October 2020 21st October 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 21st October 2020 28th October 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 28th October 2020 4th November 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 4th November 2020 11th November 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 11th November 2020 18th Novemeber 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 18th Novemeber 2020 25th November 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 25th November 2020 2nd December 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 2nd December 2020 9th December 2020
Domestic/EU Euro payments 9th December 2020 16th December 2020
GBP/US Dollar/International payments 16th December 2020 21st December 2020
NB: If any information is omitted/incorrect on an Invoice or related Purchase Order, it will be returned and may miss the above cut off dates.

What procedure must be followed to ensure timely payment of invoices?

On satisfactory receipt of the goods/services you have ordered by way of web ordering, log on to the Agresso system and create a goods received note (GRN) for the items received. Supplier to forward relevant invoice to Accounts Payable office for processing by emailing pdf invoice to

Non-PO invoices will be workflowed for approval and returned to Accounts Payable Office for processing.

I need to arrange payment of a Supplier Proforma Invoice?

In general, the policy of the University is to pay invoices on the satisfactory receipt of the goods or services ordered. In circumstances where the Supplier refuses to deliver the goods/services until payment is made, a Proforma Invoice can be paid. Please include a note acknowledging the Budget Holder’s acceptance of the risks in making payments in advance of receiving goods/services.

I need to pay a supplier urgently, can this be arranged?

All invoices are paid in accordance with our payment schedule and cut off dates.

I have received an Information Invoice from a supplier, what do I do?

The University does not pay on “information invoices”. You need to request a regular invoice from the supplier.

I need to get copies of invoices, can you arrange same?

Invoices are available for viewing/copying here in the Accounts Payable Office.  Please arrange a convenient time to call to the office to obtain same. Older invoices are in storage so check with us prior to your visit.  During this pandemic to obtain invoices located on campus which cannot be accessed currently, please contact the Supplier directly for a copy invoice. Note all P2P invoices are available online, once you log into Agresso.

I have received an invoice from another NUIG Unit for services provided. How do I deal with it?

Sign the invoice, code it correctly and forward it to the Accounts Receivable Office. The invoice will be dealt with by way of an internal transfer.

I need to get a supplier set up on Agresso, what do I do?

‌Further information on the Supplier Setup Process and access to the Supplier Setup Form can be found at this link.

How do I log on to Agresso?

The address for the login page is:

How do I get information on Tax Clearance Requirements as an error has appeared on screen while entering a requisition?

The financial system now warns requisitioners if there is an issue with a supplier's Tax Clearance Cert.  This prevents issues at payment stage.  The system will not stop the requisition being saved, it is a warning/information box only.

The requisitioner should notify the supplier accordingly to ensure prompt payment.  See information regarding Tax Clearance Requirements

I have recieved a requistion tax error, what does this mean?

Tax/VAT Codes are now checked at procurement (requisition entry) stage upon clicking Save.
If an incorrect Tax/VAT Code is entered for one or more line items in a requisition, it will not enter workflow for approval or generate a PO.

Instead the requisitioner will get a workflow task titled requisition error in their task list. The requisition should be amended with the correct Tax/VAT Code.
Tasks are located top right of the web screen and will have an indicative number of the tasks shown

What is funds checking?

Budget Availability/Funds Checking
Funds are now checked at procurement (requisition entry) and expense claim entry stage upon clicking Save.

If there is insufficient funds in the cost centre being charged, the requisition/expense claim will not be saved and on screen message will appear, advising a funds check error. 
If there are sufficient funds the requisition/expense claim will be saved and a commitment is created against the cost centre(s). 

Total commitments on a cost centre include expenses, requisitions, purchase orders (POs) awaiting Goods Received Notes (GRN), purchase orders (POs) awaiting invoices.  
To check available balance or commitments, users with the required access can run the relevant web reports for Recurrent Cost Centres (D*) and Research Cost Centres (R*). 

How do I close an active requisition that is showing up as a Commitment on my cost centre but is no longer valid?

Select Open in the Requistion Standard Screen.  Enter the number of the requisition and click on search.  Click on the row returned and this will display the requisition details.  Change the status of the requistion to closed and it will be removed as a commitment.‌

How do I cancel a Purchase Order?

Send an email to requesting the PO to be cancelled giving reason for same.

I need to amend my PO, what do I do?

Accounts Payable Office does not amend POs. You need to arrange for the incorrect order to be cancelled by way of an email to and raise a new PO with the correct information.

I wish to arrange an honorarium payment, what do I do?

The University no longer processes honorarium cash payments to individuals where no monetary fee has been requested. If a unit wishes to provide some token of thanks in recognition of a person’s time, we suggest a gift from the NUIG gift shop.

Please bear in mind at all times that if an individual is expecting a payment from the University, then any payment due will have to be processed either through the Accounts Payable Office (with an Invoice) or via the Payroll Office (PAYE System) depending on the service being provided.

I need to arrange a payment for a “once off” lecture, what do I do?

See here recent updates from Revenue. 

Where can I purchase Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available from Fr. Griffin Road Post Office (112005). When raising purchase orders to Fr. Griffin Road Post Office, please ensure that the notation outlines the business requirement of the voucher and the name of individuals in receipt of same and their relationship to NUI Galway.

I need to arrange reimbursement of expenses to a Non-NUIG Staff member, what do I do?

Non Staff Expense Claim Form must be completed - typeface only.
When complete, please arrange to send via the internal mail/hand deliver to the Accounts Payable Office for processing. We need to receive hard copy with original signatures, photocopies/scanned copies not acceptable.