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Artist Data
Artist name Robin Jones
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Birth year
Phone number
Biography Robin Jones has exhibited in various selected groups, such as EV+A, Claremorris Open/COE, Iontas and the National Portrait Awards London, and has taken part in other group shows in the UK, France and China. He has occasional one-person shows and has an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in London.
Notes "My work is a process of working-out painting and its playing out of its own dumb game. I don't feel I'm trying to tell anyone anything, but I suppose that if the paintings do say anything, it is to ask something like, "this - what do you think?" It starts with observation, in relation to the world around me, and deals with gesture both as mark and representation of the interrelationships of things, person to person, person to place, something as commonplace as bee to flower, bird to tree - this includes recurrent and repetitious actions. Really I'm trying to describe a given moment for, or to, myself and to make that moment sensible. For me a line is a sensible fact - that which projects sensation. The work is, however, also always about the process of its own making and the particular relationship to the simultaneities of the picture plane, where form is both confirmed and denied." Robin Jones
Exhibition details Múscailt 2010 group exhibition Bailey Allen Hall

Artworks by Robin Jones:

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