Fees, Funding & Scholarship

What is the schedule of fee payments?

Once a student accepts a course place, an advance booking deposit (a portion of the course fees) is paid initially via the online applications portal. This is a non-refundable deposit, which becomes part of the overall fee once registered. The deposit is usually €500. The remaining fee may be paid in two instalments as listed in the programme details. 


What tuition fees will I have to pay?

The EU fee for each course is listed in the programme section of the website. Non-EU students may be obliged to pay higher fees than those payable by EU students. You should contact the Programme Coordinator directly for further information on this.

Tuition fees are payable for each year of the course. EU fees can be paid in full prior to registration or in two equal instalments, 50% prior to registration in September and 50% by the following January. Non-EU fees must be paid in full prior to registration.


If I change my mind about a programme, are fees refunded? 

Once registered, you are liable for full course fees regardless as to whether you complete/attend the course. The University accepts no obligation to refund any fees or part thereof. However, if you wish to appeal this decision, please contact the Fees Office directly in writing or by email to fees@nuigalway.ie.

It is essential that you appreciate clearly the various requirements of the programme for which you are registering and it is recommended that you contact the Programme Coordinator for guidance on programme suitability.


Is funding available for these programmes?

In certain cases, employers may sponsor tuition fees where the programme of study has direct relevance to the workplace, while other students may seek support from local community or development organisations.

Students in employment may be eligible for income tax relief on certain programmes at the standard rate of tax. This is in accordance with the Taxes Consolidation Act of 1997. For specific details on this scheme, contact your local tax office or visit the Revenue web site on www.revenue.ie.

Fees Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015

This scheme is designed for students who have recently become unemployed or on reduced working hours, and wish to update their skills and knowledge by participating in a part-time adult education programme under the fees scholarship scheme.

Scholarships will constitute a 30% contribution towards programme fees for first time entrants.


How do I qualify?

  1. Students must initially meet the minimum entry requirements for their chosen course. Check with the programme co-ordinator for information on eligibility criteria.
  2. Students must be registered as unemployed and/or in-receipt of one of the following payments:
     - Job-seekers Benefit
     - Job-seekers Allowance
     - One-parent family allowance
     - Disability allowance
     - Community Employment Scheme
     - or signing for social insurance contribution credits


Applicants must provide a statement from their local Department of Social Protection Office confirming receipt of the above payments to justify financial support from the University for this scheme. Candidates not meeting the above criteria, but who have recently become unemployed, may also apply. Such candidates will be required to furnish evidence of their unemployment status and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants should note that all information received will be used for the purposes of selection of students for the Fees Scholarship Scheme only. Under no circumstances will it be disclosed to any other agency or body.

Please note:

  1. Candidates are advised to contact their local Department of Social Protection Office to establish whether receipt of this scholarship would impact upon their entitlements under the Supplementary Welfare Allowances Scheme (i.e. rent or mortgage supplement or medical card etc).
  2. Applications must be made on an annual basis.
  3. Should an applicant’s circumstances of employment change during the course of the programme, their eligibility for the scheme will be reviewed.


The above Supporting Documentation is required to supplement your application form and should be scanned and emailed to the Programme Adminstrator. Alternatively, you may post this information to the address provided:  Fee Scholarship Application form 2014-2015 .