How To Apply?

You complete an application form on the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development online application page and click on the relevent link. 

When filling out the application form, provide your contact details, and outline your educational background, any previous courses undertaken and any additional information that may be required to assess your suitability for the programme for which you are applying.

You will also be required to upload a copy of your birth certificate, passport or driving licence. In addition, an application fee (non-refundable), which is around €30, may be paid through the online application system. Any other relevant documentation required as part of the application process should also be uploaded to your online application. Once you register for a course you can upload a passport-sized photo in order to receive your student card.

You must submit your application via the web link provided on or before the stated closing date.


Fees Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015

This scheme is designed for students who have recently become unemployed or on reduced working hours, and wish to update their skills and knowledge by participating in a part-time adult education programme under the fees scholarship scheme.


Scholarships will constitute a 30% contribution towards programme fees for first time entrants.


How do I qualify?

  1. Students must initially meet the minimum entry requirements for their chosen course. Check with the programme co-ordinator for information on eligibility criteria.
  2. Students must be registered as unemployed and/or in-receipt of one of the following payments:
     - Job-seekers Benefit
     - Job-seekers Allowance
     - One-parent family allowance
     - Disability allowance
     - Community Employment Scheme
     - or signing for social insurance contribution credits


Applicants must provide a statement from their local Department of Social Protection Office confirming receipt of the above payments to justify financial support from the University for this scheme. Candidates not meeting the above criteria, but who have recently become unemployed, may also apply. Such candidates will be required to furnish evidence of their unemployment status and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants should note that all information received will be used for the purposes of selection of students for the Fees Scholarship Scheme only. Under no circumstances will it be disclosed to any other agency or body.

Please note:

  1. Candidates are advised to contact their local Department of Social Protection Office to establish whether receipt of this scholarship would impact upon their entitlements under the Supplementary Welfare Allowances Scheme (i.e. rent or mortgage supplement or medical card etc).
  2. Applications must be made on an annual basis.
  3. Should an applicant’s circumstances of employment change during the course of the programme, their eligibility for the scheme will be reviewed.


The above Supporting Documentation is required to supplement your application form and should be scanned and emailed to the Programme Adminstrator. Alternatively, you may post this information to the address provided:   Fee Scholarship Application form 2014-2015


Springboard Applications

Certain courses on offer may be approved for funding under the HEA Springboard initiative.  If you are eligible for Springboard funding you need to apply directly to Approved courses in 2013/14 - please see the list below:


What is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for each programme varies. Closing dates for applications are typically in mid to late June. Check the closing date specified on the programme brochure and make sure that you adhere to this deadline.


What happens to my application form after I apply?

Applications received by the Admissions Office are acknowledged by return of email. Applications are processed by the Admissions Office and forwarded to the various college offices for assessment in accordance with selection criteria.

Successful applicants are informed via email by the University. To accept your place, you will be required to return a deposit within the specified timeframe – the deposit is offset against the full fee payment. The process of assessing applications and offering places may take between four and six weeks. Additional registration details and communication from the relevant department will be issued to all applicants approximately two weeks before the programme commences, informing you of the registration date and lecture times for the programme.