Aras na Mac Leinn

Conferring Ceremonies for Adult Learners

The Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development Conferring Ceremonies will take place over three sessions on Saturday 13 October, 2018 in the Bailey Allen Hall,  Áras na Mac Léinn on the NUI Galway campus.

Please review the table below for confirmation of each course’s conferral time. Queries can be directed to the designated administrator for your course listed below. 

11.00 a.m. Conferring Session

Course Title Contact
B.Sc. in Science & Technology Studies
Diploma in Science & Technology Studies
Diploma in Automation and Control
Diploma in Lean & Quality Systems
Diploma in Medical Device Science
Diploma in Operations Engineering
Bachelor of Arts (with English, History, Sociology & Politics, French)
Diploma in Arts (Archaeology)
Diploma in Arts (French)
Diploma in Arts (German)
Diploma in Arts (Irish Studies)
Diploma in Arts (Italian)
Diploma in Arts (Spanish)
Diploma in Psychology of Counselling
Certificate in Screenwriting
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion (Approaches to Cardiovascular Health & Diabetes Prevention)
Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness
Certificate in Health Promotion (Oral Health)
Specialist Certificate in Health Promotion (Youth Health)

1.30 p.m. Conferring Session

Course Title Contact
Master of Arts (Adult Learning & Teaching)     
Master of Arts (Adult Learning & Development)    
Master of Arts (Early Childhood Studies)
Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Adult Learning and Development)
Postgraduate Diploma in Business (Leadership Development)
Professional Diploma in Education (Further Education)
Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Practice-based Play Therapy)
Postgraduate Certificate in Arts (Practice-based Play Therapy)
Bachelor of Arts (Community & Family Studies)
Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood Studies and Practice)
Bachelor of Arts (Training & Education)
Diploma in Arts (Community, Youth & Family Studies)
Diploma in Arts (Early Childhood Studies & Practice)
Diploma in Arts (Training & Education)
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Community Development Practice (Galway City)
Diploma in Community Development Practice (Mullingar)
Certificate in Community Development Practice (Galway City)
Diploma in Youth & Community Development Practice

4.30 p.m. Conferring Session

Course Title Contact
Foundation Certificate in Youth Leadership & Community Action

*All graduands must be gowned and seated half an hour before the start of each session.

Outstanding Fees Deadline

The deadline for the payment of outstanding fees is Tuesday 25 of September, 2018. Please ensure any outstanding fees, penalties, library fines etc. are paid by deadline in order to be eligible to attend the October Conferring. 

Parchment Name

Please ensure your name is correct for the issue of parchments (this includes accents, apostrophes, etc). To ensure your name is correct you should check your Registration Statement and/or Transcript of Results to confirm


All graduands are entitled to 2 guest tickets only.  Please contact your course administrator for additional information. General queries on the ceremonies can be directed to


Conferring Gowns will be available from 9.30 a.m. from Messrs. Phelan Conan Associates Ltd. in Áras na Mac Léinn. Conferring Gowns may be pre-booked for a fee of €45.00, online via  The fee for hiring gowns on the day of the Conferring Ceremony will be €50.00 payable by credit/debit cards, postal or bank drafts only. Graduand robes must be booked by October 10, 2018. Participants will be required to return the gowns on the evening of the Conferring Ceremony. 

Due to the implementation of a personal 3D Secure password during the credit card payment process at: Conan Ltd staff are no longer able to take bookings over the phone. This has been created to protect your online payments and if you don’t already have a 3D secure password you can activate it by following the simple instructions during the booking process. If you experience any further problems with 3D secure process, please contact your bank.


Please click here for information on conferring photographs.

Campus Map

A map of the NUI Galway campus can be accessed here

Guide to Conferring 

Comprehensive information about the conferral process is available on the Guide to Conferring website, including further information on Robes, Parking, Photography, Seating etc.