Community Education

Our Community Education courses promote the philosophy of community development through education using a process of working with marginalised groups towards empowerment and social justice. The role of community development is to encourage local people to become involved in tackling social and economic problems in their communities. It has been proven to be effective in recent years and is being increasingly advocated. Many development initiatives are now relying on community development expertise as a basis for their core strategies. However, a range of skills and an understanding of the community development process are required. Community Education combines effective outreach strategies and supporting services. The Centre aims to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of communities and special interest groups.Our courses provide a solid understanding of the theory and practice of community development. Tutor support, practical skills learning and field trips are included.


Course Name  

Community & Family Studies (Degree)

Community & Voluntary Sector Workshops Series

Community Development Practice (Diploma/Certificate)

Rural Development (BSc/Dip)

Youth Work Practice (Certificate)