What Learning Suits You?

How do I know which is the right course for me?

Choosing the right course is difficult, particularly in light of the range of part-time programmes available to you. Ideally, you should consider what your interests and strengths are and take a look at the programme content and method of delivery to see if these meet with your needs. You should also contact the Programme Coordinator for some further details on the programme, and make your decision on the balance of information available. Many of our courses have a certificate option after one year’s study or a diploma option after two, so you do have an exit option (with an academic award) if you wish to change your course of study or if you wish to finish your studies prematurely. 


I’m not sure if I want to start a full college course – what can I do?

The University offers a number of foundation programmes in the area of Science & Technology, Business and the Humanities which allow you to experience these subject areas at foundational level for one year. Each subject area is an ideal preparation for University life, providing a follow-on Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degree programme. On completion of your foundation programme, therefore, you may wish to continue your studies at degree level. Check out the programme details on the pre-university section hyperlink and also the certificate/diploma in General Studies programme.


What are the tutorial and class schedules?

Class schedules vary according to the programme you select. However, in general terms, lectures for classroom-based courses run in the evenings from 18.00 onwards, Mondays to Thursdays. Occasionally tutorials will be offered on Saturday mornings. If you choose a blended-learning programme, you will be required to attend face-to-face lectures on an occasional basis, once every three to four weeks for one to two full days. Often these classes take place on a Friday or at the weekends. For programme specifics, you are advised to contact the Programme Coordinator.


How are the courses assessed?

There are a number of methods of assessment employed on our Adult Learning and Professional Development programmes. These include completing assignments and learning journals, making online contributions (for blended and online programmes) and undergoing examinations.