New Postgraduate Research Students

Details on starting university are provided at

Orientation for new entrant postgraduate research students takes place three times in the year, with details provided at

Attendance at an orientation session is obligatory for new students.

New students should contact their Supervisor for details on admission, registration and scholarship set-up.

Registration information is sent by e-mail to all new students who accept their offer, with details provided at:

Students may commence research remotely, with agreement from their supervisor and research funding agency (where applicable).

PhD International Merit Scholarship (QA200) and PhD Fee Waiver (QA203) schemes are managed by the Colleges with details of the schemes provided at

How can I continue my research remotely? Supervisors

· Ensure that you have up-to-date contact details for your team to enable ongoing communication as required.

· Maintain regular contact with your team, not just for research, it is important to check in with your team to see how they are coping.

· You should continue to have regular planned team meetings, and one-to-one meetings with students.

· Agree research to be carried out while students are undertaking research from home. It is important to clarify expectations and outcomes having consideration to the fact that some may have other commitments to childcare, and other reasons. It is also important to provide advice on how to continue research, or alter research direction so that research progress may be possible.

· Ensure that students are aware that the normal reporting requirements remain in place along with the University Guidelines for Research Degree Programmes, including annual progress meetings with Graduate Research Committees.

· Any significant interruption to research due to the impact of COVID-19 may entail for students who are approaching the end of their completion time, application for retrospective leave of absence and award of time credit towards fees by your College once the student is beyond completion time. The LOA process is detailed in section 5.8.5 of the University Guidelines for Research Degree Programmes. The normal LOA process remains in operation for leave of absence unrelated to COVID-19 impact on research. Completion time for a full-time PhD is 4 years.

· Ensure that staff and students are aware of the alerts at:

How can I continue my research remotely? Student Responsibilities

· Maintain regular contact with your supervisor regarding research and any challenges or issues that you may be experiencing.

· Agree research to be carried out or deliverables with your supervisor while you are undertaking research from home.

· Inform your supervisor if you have health or wellbeing issues. See for advice.

· Please be aware that University Guidelines for Research Degree Programmes remain in place at this time, along with normal reporting requirements.

· Any significant interruption to research should be brought to the attention of your supervisor and GRC. Significant interruption may require an application for leave of absence. The LOA process is detailed in section 5.8.5 of the University Guidelines for Research Degree Programmes.

· Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not place yourself or others at risk whilst undertaking research at home during this time.

On-campus research

Details for returning to campus for research students are available on a dedicated SharePoint site, and details on how to access library and IT resources are at Research students should liaise with their Supervisor to ascertain if on-campus research is feasible.

Support for research student training and development continues to be provided through Graduate Studies and the Researcher Development Centre, with details provided through the 2021 1GST1 Blackboard site, and through the Researcher Development Centre.

How can I submit my thesis?

See how to submit your thesis electronically during the COVID 19 period at

Who should I contact regarding research funding?

Please contact your Supervisor for details on research funding support.