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Road Closed: Sept 2021

Update: The road that links the North and South Campus at the Quincentennial Bridge is now open to pedestrians and cyclists although it will remain closed to motorists for some days.  Motorists will need to exit the campus to the main road and re-enter to get from one end of the campus to the other   This is also likely to impact journey times on the park and ride bus service. (20 Sept 2021)

Dear colleagues,

I want to make you aware that a pipe supporting the water main serving the west side of the City, that runs through our campus, burst earlier today and for health and safety reasons it has been necessary to close the road that links the North and South Campus at the Quincentennial Bridge.   

This will have an impact on journey times between the North and South Campus as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will need to exit the campus to the main road and re-enter.  This is also likely to impact journey times on the park and ride bus service.  Buildings & Estates will erect signage to advise staff and students of the closure and diversion.

While maintenance of the water main is the responsibility of the City Council, staff in Buildings and Estates redirected a contractor, already operating on campus, to support the work required to contain the level of damage and bring the situation under control.   City Council officials and contractors are now carrying out repair work.

Restoration of the road and other associated damage will not be completed until early to middle of next week and the underpass will remain closed until this work is complete.

Kind Regards

John Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Recent Updates for Staff & Students

Welcome back | Fáilte ar ais - All Staff email - 20 Sept 2021

Dear colleagues,

As our first semester is off and running, as restrictions in society ease cautiously today and as we prepare to welcome our first years safely to campus on the 27 September, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to campus,  after what has been a very challenging time.  I would particularly like to acknowledge the incredible job you have all done in navigating the twists and turns we have faced during this global pandemic.  Let's give each other the time and space to find our way back.

I have recorded a short welcome back video for you, which includes more thoughts on our safe start to the semester, you can watch it here.

Orientation: Next week we will welcome over 3500 new first year students to our campus.  Many of our first years are also transitioning to a new country while others are returning to education and a new direction in life.

The development of the orientation programme which is led by Student Services, has been a collaborative effort with colleagues across the university to create a positive first impression for our new students and the start of what we hope will be enriching journey over the coming years.

Orientation consists of an online programme on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 22, 23 and 24 and continues with an on campus experience on Saturday and Sunday September 25 and 26 when students will experience a range of activities including a Health and Wellbeing programme, Societies and Sports activities, 140 campus tours and opportunities to engage with support services.  This requires a significant number of both staff and student ambassadors and we would like to encourage any staff interested in supporting orientation and our new first year students on Saturday September 25, to complete the form here.

The full orientation schedules (online and on campus) are available on the college websites.

College of Arts Social Sciences and Celtic Studies

College of Science and Engineering

College of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences

College of Business Public Policy and Law

UniCov:  In order to maintain our progress, we are participating in an important new COVID-19 testing research study, UniCoV.  For this to be a success we need as many students and staff to take part as possible, even if fully vaccinated.  Please sign up for the study here

Vaccination:  As of 16 September, the High Level Task Force on Covid-19 vaccination reported that 93%  of adults and 83% of the 16-29 age group, are fully vaccinated. The vaccination programme is critical to keeping us all safe from COVID-19 and if you have not already availed of your free vaccine, you can do so here I would also like to draw your attention to our new and updated Covid-19 Incident Response Plan which may be of interest to you as we continue to navigate the challenges of Covid-19.

Biodiversity at the Gates:  At one of the last all-staff meetings before Covid, the excellent suggestion was made that we should foster and let flourish a biodiversity garden, for example, at the Newcastle Road gate, opposite the James Hardiman Library. In our absence, with thanks to our colleagues in Buildings & Estates, it is there now as a resource for nature but also as a metaphor for much else. There is growth and renewal there, there is diversity, and there is colour. It is fitting that this has blossomed at our gate, gates that never closed during Covid, in a place that also represents what we offer to our society and our community.  

As a diverse community, we have demonstrated our extraordinary resilience, strength and determination as a university.    We look forward with confidence and caution to the year ahead.

Stay safe and well,


Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh

President NUI Galway

Welcome Back - All Student email - 10 Sept 2021

Our Autumn semester is off and running and I want to extend a warm welcome back to you after what has been a very challenging time. Our whole university community has worked hard to ensure that we are ready to meet the challenges of the year ahead and I believe that we have had a very successful first week back. 

I have recorded a short welcome back video for you, which includes more thoughts on the safe start of our semester.

Vaccinations: The vaccination programme is critical to keeping us all safer from COVID-19. We thank all our students who have taken up the offer of a vaccine so far and urge all others eligible who haven’t yet done so to do so now. If you have not already availed of your free vaccine, you can register here

UniCov: In order to maintain our progress, we are participating in an important new COVID-19 testing research study, UniCoV.  For this to be a success we need as many students and staff to take part as possible, even if fully vaccinated.  Please sign up for the study here

Study Space: As part of our approach to help you to stay safe, the Bailey Allen Hall will open as a noisy study space from next Monday 13th September using the Library Booking System. 

PCs: In addition to PCs available for use in the Library, a number of PC Suites are available for ad-hoc access by students in supervised time-slots.  Further details are available here

At all times, please comply with public health advice with regard to cough etiquette, handwashing and social distancing.  

Stay safe and well, 


Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh 

President, NUI Galway


COVID-19: Planning for the Semester ahead - Aug 2021

As we continue to plan and prepare for the return to teaching and learning in September, we want to keep our university community updated on how those plans are progressing. We know that many students and staff are anxious to return to campus – and anxious about our return and we are keen to keep you updated in that regard as plans progress. As throughout the Covid crisis, the health and wellbeing of our university community remains the priority throughout our planning. As always, our decisions are guided by Government policy and public health recommendations.  

Our university is committed to, together, maximising and optimising the on-campus experience for students in the next academic year and we will do this in line with the sectoral approach to returning to campus activity, as outlined by the IUA, THEA and the RCSI earlier this week. You can read more about the agreed whole-of-sector approach to ‘Implementing a Safe Return to Campus’ here

This coordinated approach, which has the support of government and endorsement of public health authorities, is centred on the desire of students to get back on campus and is facilitated by the classification of higher education as an essential service and the expectation that the vast majority of adults, including students, will have been vaccinated by September.   

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Semester 1 Start Dates & Orientation 

Start dates for the next academic year are as follows:  

  • Start date for First Year undergraduate students: Monday, 27 September 2021. This delay is required to allow time to process CAO applications in light of the revised timetable for issuing Leaving Certificate results.  
  • Start date for all other students: Monday, 6 September 2021  
  • Online Orientation for new students: 22, 23 & 24 September 2021  
  • On-Campus Orientation for new students: 25 & 26 September 2021  
  • Postgraduate Research Student Orientation will take place virtually at 2pm on 1 September 2021 – more info   

Returning to Work on Campus 

As we are now planning for an expected return to a fuller on-campus experience for students and staff for the start of the 2021-22 academic year, we wish to update staff on our approach to returning to work on campus so that you can have time to plan and discuss your return to campus with your Line Manager/Head of School.   

Over the last 16 months, we have seen some positive aspects of remote working and we will continue to work on a Remote Working Policy for staff to be able to consider and avail of in due course. In the meantime, it is important that we plan for a return to campus, in line with the Public Health measures advised to us. During the initial return to campus, we will likely see a hybrid working model with some days on campus and some days of remote working. In many cases it will be possible to continue with these plans without adversely impacting the vibrant campus experience of students, Colleges, and staff or the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

However, there are some activities that cannot be delivered satisfactorily remotely, including in-class teaching and learning, lab-based activities, experimental research, and professional staff activities that require a physical interaction, among others. We expect that we will return to having as much face-to-face interaction with students, once it is safe to do so, as we had prior to March 2020.   
In planning for the return to campus, Line Managers/Heads of School will be engaging with their teams regarding the on-campus requirements. Where a hybrid working arrangement is agreed (pending the approval of our Remote Working Policy), employees and Line Managers/Heads of School should identify and agree which activities can be performed remotely and which cannot.

Where a staff member is working from off-campus, it is expected they will be available to attend campus if necessary.  We will continue to work on the Remote Working Policy, which will be a policy that will require ongoing review to ensure that it is in line with best practice and take on board ongoing feedback from staff.   

Access to Office Space  
For many staff, we are aiming to facilitate a return to campus workspace from 30 August 2021 onwards. However, this will vary in some buildings. Those who need to return before then should contact their line manager to facilitate this. You will be contacted by your Line Manager/Head of School to advise you of the plans for reopening office space in your area.   
We will continue to comply with the Public Health measures to ensure a safe return to campus, which includes regular cleaning protocols.   

Staff will be required to complete a Return to Campus form at least 3 days before their return to work. Please look out for details of how to access this form in the coming weeks.
Our absence from campus over the past 16 months has had a significant impact on how we work and interact with colleagues. While it will take some time to reopen all office space, we look forward to seeing familiar faces back on campus and the sense of community that brings. Thank you for your patience as we continue to prepare to welcome you back safely to campus.  

Staying Safe  
We all have a part to play in keeping our university community safe. At all times, please continue to comply with the prevailing public health advice, with regard to cough etiquette, handwashing and social distancing.  

  • PPE: As last year, face masks/visors will be available for students to collect on their return to campus. We thank the Students’ Union for their continued support of PPE distribution. Additional staff PPE will be distributed in accordance with the requests made by Schools/Units. 
  • Testing on Campus: We expect that the HSE Covid-19 Testing Centre will reopen on campus when students return in September. We will update our university community on how and when to access this service then.  
  • Student Health Unit: Our colleagues in the Student Health Unit continue to offer medical care to our students by prior appointment only. See more information on the Student Health Unit website.  
  • UniCoV Testing Study: Our University is part of an important new, on campus, COVID-19 testing research study, UniCoV. The aim is to assess rapid testing for COVID-19 and develop an early warning system for outbreaks in universities. Ultimately the findings could prove to be a vital part in the planning for as many students and staff as possible to be back on campus. To succeed, we need students and staff to take part, even if fully vaccinated. You will have the opportunity to be tested twice a week. Please consider participating in the UniCoV study.  You can sign up here at  
  • Vaccination:  The HSE Vaccination portal for the age group 16 and older is now open and you can register here To register online you will need your Personal Public Service (PPS) number, your Eircode, a mobile phone number and an email address. If you are an international student, or you don’t have any of these, or if you don’t want to register online, please call HSELive on 1800 700 700.  Working back from our planned return to campus in September, to be fully vaccinated by then, if you have not done so already, the time to get vaccinated is now.

Our university didn't close during Covid; we came through challenging times together – challenging for many of us in so many ways – thanks to the dedication and determination of our students and staff. Thank you for your continued commitment to and concern for our university community which will, we hope, get us through another challenging year ahead.  

Kind regards,


Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh
President, NUI Galway