The Sawdoctors N17 and Tolü Makay

Mar 15 2021 Posted: 09:09 GMT

When NUI Galway graduate, Leo Moran and Davy Carton of the Saw Doctors wrote ’N17' in the late 1980s, they could hardly have imagined that it would be as successful at the time, let alone 30 years later. The exquisite version accompanied by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra was performed by NUI Galway graduate, Tolü Makay, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Tullamore. The Saw Doctors 'N17' was an emigration anthem but for Tolü Makay the lyrics had a powerful contemporary edge. "I was overcome with emotion singing ‘N17’. I really miss home and the people that make me feel at home and I miss not being able to see my family during the current pandemic. That was the feeling I put into singing N17". Listen