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Whether you are at home or abroad, your time since leaving NUI Galway is important to us. Are you starting a new job soon, changing career, starting a family, enjoying retirement or travelling the world? We want to know. 

Share your story with fellow alumni by submitting a class note for publication in NUI Galway's 'Cois Coiribe' 2020 magazine.

Email us at with your name, degree, year of graduation, current address, phone number and a digital photo, old or new, posed or casual at least 1MB (use 'actual size' if sending from a mobile device). 

Submissions of no more than 150 words. Entries may be edited and inclusion in 'Cois Coiribe' is at the discretion of the editorial board.

Alumni Links

Alumni Links is an online alumni quarterly ezine to keep you connected to your alma mater.  


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