As well as being involved in day to day operational maintenance, the Services Engineering section is also responsible for the design and implementation of refurbishment works, upgrades and also in briefing design teams of consultants on capital buildings projects.

Activities include:

  • Management of designed in-house buildings services projects

  • Estimating, tendering and cost control

  • Project supervision

  • Technical assistance to design teams on capital projects

  • Verification of testing, commissioning and handover of projects

  • Managing of specialist service and installation contracts:

    Lifts and hoists
    Automatic controls
    Hydro constant pumps
    CHP's (Combined Heating & Power)
    Biomass boilers
    Air conditioning
    Fume Extraction
    Water treatment

The Services Engineering section is also responsible for energy management. The main source of fuel is natural gas, which runs the main boiler plant in the Arts/Science building. Most other buildings are stand-alone with decentralised heat centres. A computerised Building Management System provides early warnings of problems and automatic corrective action in some instances. The heating season currently runs from early October to mid-May. Refer to NUI Galway Space Temperature Policy for further information.

If you are experiencing heating problems contact the Helpdesk