Parking FAQs

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How do I change Vehicle Details for Permit Parking?

How do I Avoid Being Clamped?

I feel that I was clamped unfairly, is there anything I can do?

What is a written contract of employment?

I have a temporary (Fixed Term) contract, do I qualify?

I work part-time, how much will my permit cost?

I have a six month contract, can I get a permit for six months?

I am out for half of the year on sick leave / maternity leave, can I get a permit for six months?

I am job sharing, can I get a half-permit?

I am employed on a fixed term contract while completing my studies at the University. May I apply for a staff permit?

Do I have to pay the Full Amount?

I don’t want to use the park and ride facility or bus service, do I still have to pay the charge?

What are the Terms and Conditions that I am accepting by clicking?

I am Experiencing Difficulties processing my Payment Authorisation (using Citipay)

Staff Monthly/Weekly Payroll Deduction

What is Federated Identity?

Additional Park and Ride services