General Cleaning

Buildings & Estates is responsible for the internal cleaning of all University buildings. Cleaning is done by both in-house and contract staff. If you have any queries or requests re the cleaning service email

Additional Cleaning services

Additional cleaning services e.g. carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, event cleaning can be arranged. Email with details of your request. Buildings & Estates will arrange for the work to be carried out by approved cleaning contractor. The cleaning contractor will issue a separate invoice for the cost of the additional cleaning to the requesting unit.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning of windows internally and externally is carried out on an annual basis between July and September by an external cleaning contractor. Windows are cleaned on a building by building basis.

Attendant Services

Buildings & Estates provide an attendant service to support the running of the University. These services include preparation of venues for events, movement of materials across campus, mail delivery and collection.

Outsourced Buildings

Services in some buildings are outsourced to contractors, please contact their helpdesk as follows:


Biomedical Sciences – Facilities & Services
email to and copy to and to

Lifecourse – Facilities & Services
email to and copy to and to 

Human Biology – Facilities & Services
email to and copy to and to