To purchase/renew your Staff or Student Parking Permit log on to Online Payments system.

Parking enquiries should be directed to: or Parking & Travel Office, Room 103A, Ground Floor Arts Millennium Building

  • Opening Hours:   Monday to Friday, 0930 - 1200 and 1400 - 1600
  • Telephone:  (091) 495063 or extension 5063

Parking Information

Parking Permits & Information

Please note that the University campus is private property and parking is restricted for use by those with University business only.

NUI Galway enjoys a central location in Galway City and with this, comes parking restrictions. A system to manage parking was agreed with the staff and students' union as follows:

  • There are different types of spaces on campus, including spaces for staff permit holders only, student permit holders only, shared use (staff student permit holders), visitor/non-permit holder pay-and-display (P&D) spaces.
  • You need a permit to park in NUI Galway, or you can buy a ticket from P&D machines or Pay by Phone.  Please note, that P&D tickets only apply to spaces marked in blue adjacent to the meters - P&D tickets do not allow you to park anywhere else.  Permit holders can use P&D spaces, but you must buy a ticket.
  • Your permit/P&D ticket allows you to park in specific places and you must familiarise yourself with the zones, and which permit applies to what carpark.
  • There are also 'reserved' spaces and loading bays - do not park in these.
  • You may use the universally accessible parking spaces if you display a valid and registered 'blue badge' permit issued by the IWA.
  • If you park contrary to the Parking – Rules and Regulations (R1) English you may be clamped.  Clamp release fee is €60 from 0800 to 1800 and €80 from 1800 to 2300.  No service for release of clamp after 2300.
  • Student parking permits are available through an online system for registered students.  

Allow plenty of time on your first visit to campus with your car.  If you have any doubts whatsoever, telephone/drop into the Parking & Travel Office.

Spaces marked "RESERVED" are for official University vehicles only (i.e. owned and insured by NUI Galway directly), by prior arrangement with the Buildings Office. Spaces marked "LOADING" may be used by anyone on University business, who is actively loading and unloading materials from their vehicle to an adjacent building. A limited grace period is given in such circumstances and you must be actively loading/unloading to use these bays.

Change of Vehicle Details for Permit Parking

You may register multiple vehicles to your permit, however, only one vehicle protected at any one time. To bring a different car on campus, log on to Online Payments system using your APCOA username and password. The vehicle you have on campus must be the vehicle set as default on the system. If you have any queries in relation to changing vehicle details please contact the Parking & Travel Office or APCOA on 0818 462888 (Option 7, Option 2 from the recorded message).  

Apply for a Permit

To purchase/renew your Staff or Student Parking Permit for 2017/2018 log on to Online Payments system. All new applicants must select "new Customer option" as part of the purchasing a permit and choose "Existing Customer" to renew your current permit. Staff who have a staff ID number must apply/renew their parking permit under the category "NUI Galway Staff/Student with Current ID." Staff on campus who do not have an NUI Galway Staff ID number must apply/renew under the category "NUI Galway Staff" and choose: "I don't have a university ID number" or "I am a retired staff member."

Renew a Permit

Once your existing permit has been validated through the Online Payments system you don't have to do anything else until September of the following year.

Agency Staff

To purchase/renew your monthly parking permit click on Online Payments system and choose "Visitor Permit". Once payment has been processed contact the Parking & Travel Office for approval, phone (091) 495063 or email

Car Park at University College Hospital Galway

To park in the dedicated NUI Galway car park located at University College Hospital Galway you must have paid for a current NUI Galway Staff parking permit and be valid on the Parking Management system.


Parking must be paid for at all times while on campus.  In order to park on campus you must notify your NUI Galway contact that you will be arriving on campus and specify the duration of your stay by using the following link Online Payments system and choose the "Contractor Permit" option. Once payment has been processed contact the Parking & Travel Office for approval, phone (091) 495063 or email

Conference Permits

Contact the organiser of your conference to arrange permit. 

Park & Ride

The Park and Ride car park is located in Dangan (to the northwest of Corrib Village).  It can be accessed via the entrance to Corrib Village off the Upper Newcastle Road. Opening hours are from 0600 to 2300 on weekdays only, do not leave your car there outside these hours as it may not be possible to retrieve it and it may be clamped. The spaces in the Park and Ride are for staff and students only, but the Pay and Display spaces are available for visitors if they purchase a ticket from the nearby machine. To exit the carpark, drive up to the exit barrier which will automatically rise. 

Overnight Parking

For security and health & safety reasons, you are not permitted to park your vehicle overnight on campus. For those on official University business, e.g. field worker, late night research project worker etc. a facility is in place to allow exceptional overnight parking. Your Head of Unit must approve your application for an overnight parking permit and applications should be made to the Parking & Travel Office. Issue of these allowances are at the discretion of the Parking & Travel Office.

Resserved Car Park

This system is administered by Parking & Travel Office and applications for use of the visitor carpark should be sent to For further information see QA161 Reserved Visitors Car Park Procedure.

Clamping Appeals

The Parking Management Appeals Group is in place to hear appeals against the application of a clamp on the basis of:

  • The incorrect application of a clamp
  • Unfair treatment
  • Extraordinary circumstances

The group cannot consider the following as valid reasons for the appeal:

  • Being late for work/lectures
  • Inability to find a parking space
  • Lack of knowledge of the system
  • Disagreement with the principles of the system
  • Leaving a self composed note in the window

The Parking Management Appeals Group meets periodically and their decision is final. If you wish to lodge an appeal, please complete the Clamping Appeal Form (English) and return it to: "Parking Management Appeals Group, c/o Parking & Travel Office, NUI Galway." within two months from the date of clamping.  Appeals can only be considered when submitted on this form.

Disabled Parking Permits

Drivers of vehicles requiring the use of 'universally accessible parking bays' may only do so if their vehicle displays a valid and registered "blue badge" permit issued by the IWA. If they have a blue badge, drivers may use any of the universally accessible bays for free throughout the University, regardless of whether you hold a permit or not. 

Temporary Disability Permit Procedure for Staff

Temporary Disabled Parking Permits (TDPP) may be available upon application to staff members who do not qualify for a Disabled Person's Parking Card but have a short term physical disability that has been confirmed by the University Occupational Health Physician (OHP) through the Human Resources office.

Staff who wish to apply for this permit must contact Human Resources. The applicant may be contacted to arrange a medical consultation with the OHP and successful applicants will be issued with a permit as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter.  The OHP will also indicate a suitable duration for the permit. 

This permit can only be used by the applicant in officially designated universally accessible bays around the University campus.

Temporary Disability Permit Procedure for Students

Temporary Disability Parking Permits (TDPP) may be available upon application to students who do not qualify for a Disabled Person's Parking Card but have a short term physical disability that has been confirmed by a physician in the Student Health Unit (SHU).

Students who wish to apply for a TDPP must make an appointment to see a SHU physician, stating the reason for their visit. The SHU physician may issue qualifying students with a completed form and successful applicants must bring their signed form to the Parking & Travel Office, Room 103A, Ground Floor, Arts Millennium Building. Permits may be issued on the spot, but please note there is an average turnaround time of 10 working days. The SHU physician will indicate a suitable duration for the permit.

Only the SHU physician can advise that it is appropriate to issue a permit. This permit can only be used by the applicant in officially designated universally accessible bays around the University campus. 

Parking Charges

A. Staff parking permit and mobility management charge: €55.00
B. Student parking permit and mobility management charge: €50.00
C. Vehicle wheel-clamp release fee 0800 - 1800: €60.00
D. Vehicle wheel-clamp release fee 1800 - 2300: €80.00
E. Release fee if towed depends on contractor used to carry out this duty € varies
F. Contractor & Supplier permits: €25.00 each per month (must be approved before being validated) [1 permit per month, per contractor, per contract - see Rules and Regulations for detailed conditions of issue – 24/48 hrs notice of requirement]
G. Temporary Disability Permits obtained through the agreed system €free issue
H. Visitor/Pay-and-Display rates, subject to revision: €1.50 per hour or €10.00 for the day with the exception of Insight, IDA Business Park and Park & Ride: €1.00 per hour or €6.00 for the day.

Pay and Display times: 0830 - 1730, Monday - Friday. The Parking Management Appeals Group reserves the right to review and implement changes to these operating hours and charges.

Note: Cash, cheques, credit/laser/charge card only for clamp release fee. No change given. Normal clamping operating hours: 0830 - 1730 Monday – Friday. No service for release after 2300.


Pay & Display

Visitors and invited guests must park in Pay & Display (P&D) spaces, which are located in various locations on campus.  View Parking Maps and Downloads on this page.

If you park in a P&D space, you must display a valid P&D ticket, regardless of the type of parking permit you havePlease note that P&D spaces are marked with blue lines and text ("P&D/Í&T").  If you park anywhere else and display only a P&D ticket you may be clamped.  P&D tickets only apply to spaces marked with blue lines.


Meter Rates
Monday to Friday only
€1.50 - 1 hour (except Park & Ride meter which is €1 per hour)
€10 - Full Day (except Park & Ride meter which is €6 per day)

Pay by Phone

An alternative method of paying for visitor parking is available through Pay by Phone.  This allows payment to be made on site through a dedicated app or remotely through a website.  Local signage will direct you through the process and detail the charges in each location by code.  Once registered this process will not have to be repeated.

Advantages of Pay by Phone

  • Eliminates mislaid or wind affected tickets
  • Eliminates the need for change 
  • Duration can be extended remotely
  • Optional text notification at expiry time
  • Pay for others remotely
  • Payment on website, by text, on app or by phone

Parking Maps & Downloads

Retired Staff

Information for retired staff about parking and other services is available from the Management Services Office.

For additional information on parking, visit the FAQs page.

Cycle to Campus

The secure bicycle compound (see the Cycling Map  for location) is located to the west of the Arts Science Building. Anyone with a valid in date student / staff University ID card can access the compound. You must also swipe out. As part of ongoing improvements to cycle facilities additional covered bicycle racks have been installed in several places around campus.

Showers for cyclists are available in various buildings  (see the Cycling Map  for locations). Access to the showers and changing room facilities is by access card only. Access to the toilet facilities after 1800 will be by access card. To obtain swipe card access, a current ID card is required (staff ID cards available from Human Resources;  student ID cards available from Admissions Office).

To get your card enabled for this facility email with the following information:

  • your name
  • ID card number
  • card expiry date

Walking to and Around Campus

The Walking Times Map shows the approx. walk time in minutes from locations around the city.

NUI Galway is committed to removing barriers for people with disabilities, but it is often difficult on older campuses to navigate a route that is free from steps, descents and other physical features.  

The Blue Dots Route was an initiative from the office of the Vice-President for the Student Experience.   This dotted route is intended to help you navigate a north-south line through the majority of the campus, a route that is as accessible as possible.  Details of the Blue Dots Route is on the Campus Map on our Maps page.

Galway Public Transport

Please visit for public transport information. 

Travel Plan

Learn about NUI Galway's Travel Plan.