Space Management

The main NUI Galway campus comprises 104 hectares and is located in Galway city.  The main campus extends from the city centre to Dangan, a distance of 2.8 km along the bank of the River Corrib. 

The gross area of buildings on the main NUI campus comprises 171,700 sq.m., 97 separate buildings ranging in age from 1 to over 160 years old. 

The property portfolio also includes a site at University College Hospital where the Clinical Sciences Institute is located, together with medical academics at Gweedore, Letterkenny & Sligo.  There are additional properties at Carna, Carron, Finnevara, Shannon and Donegal.

The total area of campus buildings including remote sites is 191,003 sq.m.

Space is an expensive University resource on which there is very high demand.  All space on campus is the property of NUI Galway and Buildings & Estates manage its allocation in accordance with agreed policy and procedures.

Requests for additional space (ie offices, labs etc.) should be directed to Anne Marie Forde, Head of Business Support Services.

Requests to book rooms for teaching, meeting etc. should be sent to  Further information on booking rooms is on .

A Strategic Space Planning Group has been established to deal with forward planning, policy matters and operational issues concerning space management.  This group comprises of:

  • Vice-President for Capital Projects
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Associate Secretary, Registrar's Office
  • Director of Physical Resources
  • Dean of Arts
  • Dean of Science
  • Head of Facilities Management & Services
  • Head of Business Support Services

Space Policy & Procedures

Policy and Procedures can be viewed here.

Space Metrics

NUI Galway Space Metrics (NUI Galway's Internal Area in sq.m. per Student & Staff FTE)

Teaching Room Surveys

Buildings & Estates conducts a survey of centrally booked teaching space during each semester of the Academic year. Surveys are conducted every hour from 09:00 to 18:00 each day from Monday to Friday for a 2 week period. Buildings & Estates looks for the following information:

  • Whether or not the room is booked
  • Number of occupants within the venue

The efficient use of all University resources including space and facilities is one of the main infrastructural goals of the Strategic Plan.

View the Summary Teaching Room Surveys report from 2012 to 2018.