Buildings & Estates is working on a project to design and install new external wayfinding signage across the campus.  The updated signage will make the campus more navigable and create a better and more consistent appearance.  At this stage in the process, following engagement with the City Council Planning Dept. a design has now been finalised.  A contractor is currently being appointed for installation of the physical signs on campus over the coming year.

The new Wayfinding strategy divides the campus into 4 zones:

  • Sports Campus
  • North Campus
  • Central Campus
  • South Campus

Each campus zone has been defined through its vehicular entrance and principal access routes.  The boundary lines for each zone have been defined using national and regional road networks, significant geographical features and by applying a design sense and rationale.  The new zones and signage will enhance the vehicular and pedestrian experience and make it easier for visitors, students, conference delegates, couriers etc. to navigate the campus.

  • Sports Campus:
    Boundary - Park & Ride to Sports Grounds
    Vehicular Entrance - Dangan
  • North Campus:
    Boundary - Corrib Village to Park & Ride
    Vehicular Entrance - Upper Newcastle (at Lifecourse building)
  • Central Campus:
    Boundary - North side of Quincentennial Bridge underpass to Corrib Village
    Vehicular Entrance - Upper Newcastle (Áras Cairnes)
  • South Campus:
    Boundary - University Road to Quincentennial Bridge underpass
    Vehicular Entrances - University Road and Lower Newcastle (at Sports Centre)

Updating your address

Once the new physical signage has been installed in 2018, each College/School/Discipline/Unit may wish to add a line to their address to reflect the Campus Zone in which they are located, for example:

Address at Áras Moyola
Áras Moyola,
Central Campus,
NUI Galway.

Address at Block E:

Block E,
South Campus,
NUI Galway.