Course Overview

The programme content is aimed at preparing graduates for a variety of marketing positions in business.

Therefore the programme will assist students to:

  • become knowledgeable about a range of Marketing subjects to an advanced level;
  • develop analytical, oral and written presentation skills;
  • acquire and be able to use accepted research methodologies;
  • develop personal confidence.

Applications and Selections

Applications are made online from a link on the website below:

Course Codes:
MSc Marketing Management Programme (Full-Time):       1MMM1
MSc Marketing Management Programme(Part-Time):        1MMM2


Who Teaches this Course

Dr. Declan Fleming, PhD, MBS, B.Comm.
Dr. Christine Domegan, PhD, MBS, B.Comm.
Dr. Elaine Wallace, PhD, MBS, B.Comm.
Dr. Ann Torres, PhD, MBA.
Dr. Natasha Evers, PhD, MBS.
Dr. Patricia McHugh, PhD., MBS, B.Comm.
Dr. Gabriela Gliga, PhD., MBS.

Requirements and Assessment

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Normally a Second Class Honours undergraduate degree H2.1, or a H2.1 in the Higher Diploma in Business Studies, is required (or equivalent international qualification). Applicants who hold a very high H2.2 and who have achieved a H2.1 average within a significant Marketing specialism in a business degree may be considered.  The programme is open to graduates of all disciplines.

Applicants from a Non-Business/Marketing degree background, applying as a conversion programme, are required to successfully complete an online Principles of Marketing test, as specified by the Marketing Discipline, prior to commencement of studies.

IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent, if applicable.


Additional Requirements


1 year, full-time
2 years, part-time

Next start date

September 2020

A Level Grades ()

Average intake

75+ Combined with other MSc (Marketing Programmes)

Closing Date

Please refer to the offer rounds/closing date webpage.

NFQ level


Mode of study


ECTS weighting




Course code

1MMM1, full-time
1MMM2, part-time

Course Outline

The programme is offered on a full-time basis over one year or part-time over two years. Students who take this programme part-time, attend lectures with the full-time students, and are on campus a minimum of two days per week.  Lectures will commence in the first week of September, with assessments/written examinations during/at the end of each Semester. The programme will consist of lectures, projects, case studies and presentations in the required subjects. A range of assessment methods are used, including essays, projects, reports, presentations, case studies and and/or written examinations. To be eligible for the award of Masters, candidates must successfully complete modules to a total of 90 ECTS. Students are required to take thirteen obligatory subjects and attend a week long Summer School, the after semester 2 exams finish and complete an Applied Project. 

Programme Content, full-time

Semester 1: Obligatory Subjects


Semester 1 Obligatory Subjects:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Research Methods
  • Marketing Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Performance & Productivity
  • Digital Sales Management

Semester 2 Obligatory Subjects:

  • Cases in Marketing Management & Strategy
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Marketing & Sustainability
  • Global Business To Business (B2B) Marketing
  • Negotiations

Summer School and Applied Project

Summer School (1 week) on “Exccelerator Leadership and International Negotiations for Marketing Professionals".‌

The Applied Marketing Project is a team-based consultancy undertaking. Students will take on the role of consultants and work directly with an assigned real live company to address a specific marketing problem and develop a research-based solution.

Programme Content, part-time


Year 1: Semester 1 Obligatory Subjects:

  • Research Methods
  • Marketing Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing

Year 1: Semester 2 Obligatory Subjects:

  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Marketing & Sustainability

Part-Time (Over 2 Years):

Year 2: Semester 1 Obligatory Subjects:

  •  Strategic Marketing
  •  Services Marketing
  •  Marketing Performance & Productivity
  • Digital Sales Management

 Year 2: Semester 2 Obligatory Subjects:

  • Cases in Marketing Management & Strategy
  • Global Business To Business (B2B) Marketing
  • Negotiations

Summer School and Applied Project

Summer School (1 week) on “Exccelerator Leadership and International Negotiations for Marketing Professionals" - to be confirmed.‌

These courses are taught part-time over two academic years with assessments at the end of each semester.  Students attend lectures over average two days a week.  

Module details for the full time course

Module details for the part time course

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Gaining the MSc (Marketing Management) will enable graduates to build successful marketing management careers in a wide variety of industries, sectors and organisations including pharmaceutical companies, publishing companies, banks, consumer products companies and business-to-business. A growing trend is the utilisation of marketing by non-profit organisations. Colleges, art organisations, libraries and hospitals are increasingly hiring Marketing professionals to manage their diverse marketing activities.

Graduates will acquire specialised skills and competencies that will enable them to pursue positions in many fields, including:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Public Relations
  • Consultancy

 J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics Masters in Marketing Management Scholarship

NUI Galway is offering two Scholarships for the MSc in Marketing Management commencing September 2020; one scholarship up to the value of 50% of the EU tuition fees and one scholarship up to the value of 50% of the non EU tuition fees.

For more information on the scholarship application process, please contact Please note that to be considered for this merit based scholarship, applicants must be accepted to their chosen programme and must complete an online Scholarship Form.

 More Reasons to Choose this Course:

  • Summer School (1 week) on “Exccelerator Leadership and Negotiations for Marketing Professionals".
  • Consultancy project on real high tech startup.
  • We have fantastic partnerships with Industry

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Learning Outcomes


Work Placement

Study Abroad

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€9,500 p.a. 2020/21

Fees: Tuition

€9,276 p.a. 2020/21

Fees: Student levy

€224 p.a. 2020/21

Fees: Non EU

€16,900 p.a. 2020/21

Postgraduate students in receipt of a SUSI grant – please note an F4 grant is where SUSI will pay €2,000 towards your tuition.  You will be liable for the remainder of the total fee.  An F5 grant is where SUSI will pay TUITION up to a maximum of €6,270.  SUSI will not cover the student levy of €224.

Note to Non EU students: Learn about the 24 month Stayback Visa here

Find out More

Programme Director:
Dr. Gabriela Gliga
T +353 91 493 617

Programme Administrator:
Mary Greaney, 
T +353 91 492 546

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Meet our Graduates


John Concannon |   Director of Marketing, Fáilte Ireland

“A masters degree in Marketing at NUI Galway gave me an incredible advantage as I headed out into the competitive world of work. I had confidence in the depth of my knowledge and its application in a way that reflects the excellent teaching.”

Fergal Hynes |   Senior Negotiator, RE/MAX Ireland

The theory and guidance provided by lecturers throughout the MSc in Marketing helped me hone the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a chosen career path to the Property sector. My roles attained in a marketing capacity subsequent to this Masters provided me with a wealth of experience I would later require to branch into the Property sector and become a Senior Sales Negotiator. I highly recommend this course.

Shauna Stanley |   Current Student

I would recommend the MSc in Marketing Management to anybody looking to specialise in marketing. The best thing about my course was the chance to learn so much about such a broad range of topics. I was able to challenge myself and push my learning to a new level and I would recommend NUI Galway as a place to study due to the friendly atmosphere on campus and the great lecturers who are willing to help."

Amy Hasenauer |   Current Student

The MSc in Marketing Management improved my overall ability to work with people from different parts of the world and different cultures and provided me with new perspectives and insights. I would recommend this course to others as I enjoyed the overall experience. I came here with no background in business or marketing. After completing the course, I feel I did learn a great deal about marketing that I will use in my future career."

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