Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our School mission is to deliver a high-impact scholarly environment in which students become well-rounded and employable business graduates, and in which its faculty contribute to society, industry and academia through quality engagement and research. 

Our Vision

Innovation in Public Policy will influence our mission by providing leading evidence- based analysis and formulation of national and international policy in areas of key economic and social strategic importance to Ireland and Europe, and by directly affecting and shaping the policy outcomes of government, unions, professional associations and society.

Innovation in Business Practice will influence our mission through the development and evidence-based evaluation of leading edge 21st Century skills and techniques; clear, demonstrated impact of research on industry and organisations and establishing the School as an integral part of knowledge exchange.

Through our distinctive programmes, teaching and research, we aim to develop students who are
1) Critical thinkers
2) Capable communicators
3) Employable in their chosen fields and
4) Future societal leaders with the skills and knowledge to fulfil their lifelong potential in professional, public and entrepreneurial environments.

Our Values

The School’s core values are leadership, student engagement, societal contribution, and commitment.
• Leadership is realised through the School's achievements in its priority areas, together with the production of students capable of leadership positions in future roles.
• Student engagement is central to our vision and a driving element of its achievement.
• Societal contribution is valued from achievements in research and teaching through to our impact on various other communities.
 Commitment to the achievement of excellence in our priority areas and in the realisation of our mission.


  • Business Postgraduate Programmes 2021 - 2022

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  • Quick Guide to Courses 2021

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