Mike Parkinson |   Operational Excellence Lead, Transitions Optical Asia

Most organisations see it as an advantage. The knowledge you build as part of the learning process not only influences others and makes you more effective, but it also gives you more confidence and helps set yourself apart from the crowd.”
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Ruth Kiely |   Physiotherapist

I started my own physiotherapy business in 2004, and as the business developed I realized I needed to develop skills that were not part of my professional training in particular in the areas of management, marketing and IT. I chose the Executive MBA because it offered the full range of disciplines that I needed. With the knowledge gained I have been able to install a software system which allows us to manage all aspects of our business more effectively and efficiently thus giving us a competitive advantage. Highlights from the EMBA programme include the International Study Trip to Fordham University, USA as well as participating and completing the Inter Disciplinary Company Project in the second year. Both are very unique experiences that are offered by this EMBA which has allowed for consolidation of knowledge and skills as well as highlighting possible opportunities for the future
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Eileen Sweeney |   Marketing Manager, Americas with Aerogen, Chicago, USA

I continue to use my MBA as a reference point when developing and executing company strategy. For me the MBA acted as a springboard for my career. It consolidated my work experience into a recognizable entity.
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Dominica Moran |   International Marketing Executive

The MBA in NUI Galway offers a more personal MBA experience than other programmes/universities as the class size is small and intimate. The diverse composition of the class included a wide range of professionals with vast job experiences and industry backgrounds. This enriched the learning in the class, challenged our thinking and broadened our views. The course offering is diverse and offers a wide range of subjects which include accounting, marketing, human resources, management and many others. The assignments were challenging but promoted critical thinking which I believe is important in building a skill set that is applicable to many career paths in today’s global environment. This, along with learning the cutting edge business insights from the lectures and sharing real life practical examples with classmates helped me gain tremendous knowledge of many facets of business. My MBA experience has been life changing and inspirational as I have since changed my career path into Marketing, an area which I thoroughly enjoy.
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Tony McCarthy |   Supply Chain Director, Medtronic

I selected the NUIG Executive MBA program because it offered me the opportunity to continue with my career and embark on my MBA education at the same time. This provided me the opportunity to apply the learning in my organization almost simultaneously. The program also offers access to a network of MBA students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders both local and international. Overall it has been a very positive experience.
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