2014/15 Timetables

Dear Student,

These timetables are all in draft format and will change over the month of August, and early September 2014.  Please check back again for any amendments. 

Visiting Students

1OA1i Semester I 

1st Year - Semester I - 2014/15

Commerce 1BC1i

Commerce (International) - French 1BC2i

Commerce (International) - German‌ 1BC3i

Commerce (International) - Spanish ‌1BC4i

Commerce (Gaeilge) 1BC7i

BIS timetables will be updated on Blackboard‌ 1BF1i

Commerce (Accounting)‌ 1BCA1i

Arts (Economics) http://www.nuigalway.ie/economics/current/

2nd Year - Semester I - 2014/15

Commerce ‌2BC1i

Commerce (International) - French‌ 2BC2i

Commerce (International) - German ‌2BC3i

Commerce (International) - Spanish ‌2BC4i

B.Comm Accounting timetable‌ 2BCA1i

BIS timetables updated on Blackboard‎ ‌‌2BF1i

3rd Year BIS - Semester I 14/15

BIS timetables will be updated on Blackboard 3BF1i

Final Year - Semester I 2014/15

Commerce ‌3BC1i

Commerce (International) - French‌ 4BC2i

Commerce (International) - German‌ 4BC3i

Commerce (International) - Spanish‌ 4BC4i

BIS timetables will be updated on Blackboard ‌4BF1i

Commerce (Accounting)‌ 3BCA1i

Arts (Economics)‌ http://www.nuigalway.ie/economics/current/