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Aisling McMahon

Aisling McMahon LLM LTAG "I had always been interested in the interaction of science and technology with law and this programme offers an opportunity to analyse this area. I was also attracted to the programme as the modules offered examine up and coming areas of law and regulation, issues that are truly relevant to modern society. In particular I enjoyed the Law, Governance and Enterprise module of the course in which a range of guest speakers visited the class from a variety of backgrounds and areas which gave us a broader understanding of the application of law in practice. The LLM trip to the cyberspace conference in Brno, Czech Republic was also very enjoyable and gave us useful pointers when it came to organising our own LLM conference in NUIG.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to potential applicants as it is extremely interesting and worthwhile. The course offers a wide variety of modules which allow applicants to chose whether to specialise in regulatory, commercial, science and technology based or governance aspects of law to name but a few.

Furthermore, the course is examined solely through research assignments and presentations which enables students to really develop writing and analytical skills. Lecturers provide thorough feedback to students on assignments submitted which enables you to see precisely where written skills may need improvement. Students are encouraged to publish their research and the LLM class organise a conference towards the end of the year which is an excellent experience."

Deirdre Jennings

"I really enjoyed how all the modules were so relevant to the present day, bringing them to life and making them interesting. I was really impressed with the teaching staff on the course; the individual attention, the methods in which the modules were taught and the assessment of the course all reflected that we were recognised and respected as academic lawyers and postgraduate students.

The programme was a vital link in my career path. Since finishing the LLM I have commenced work on a PhD on corporate governance in Trinity College Dublin. Corporate governance was an area I had no exposure to prior to the LLM and so it gave me the opportunity to identify an area I was interested in and an area I felt I could add further research. Writing my dissertation gave an invaluable insight as to what I could expect with further research and the LLM also gave the confidence to continue with further research."

Damien McCallig

"The modules offered were in areas that were of interest to me, for example, data protection, communications law, copyright and internet regulation. The profiles of the module coordinators was also a factor. The programme offered a balanced mix of coordinator profiles from practitioners currently working in an area to well recognised and established international experts.

It will challenge potential applicants' understanding of the role of law in emerging areas of technology and the governance of supranaitonal systems and structures. The programme will also assist students in attaining a solid set of legal research and presentation skills and provide students with a level of academic expertise in defined current and topical areas of law that will asssist them in developing future career plans."

Aonghus McClafferty

Aonghus McClafferty LLM LTAG “I enjoyed the interaction and close personal attention that the lecturers give to the students. They had a genuine interest in helping us all do as well as we could in the course and also encouraged us in other activities such as submitting papers to external conferences.

This programme offers students the chance to study innovative and developing areas of law. This programme takes you beyond the classroom and library and encourages study and research by igniting a genuine interest in the wide range of modules. Furthermore it provides interaction with people exploring the same areas with class outings to research conferences and more.”

Tony McDonnell

"I wanted a LLM course that was practical and had a high commercial content. A lot of the Commercial Law masters I looked at seemed quite theoretical, while the range of subjects in Galway offered a number of interesting courses with a practical, business focused aspect. Courses like the Regulation of Biotechnology and Corporate Governance were very innovative and up to date.

The small class sizes allowed a lot of engagement, and the broad areas covered in the courses allowed students to develop their own interests. Rather than the traditional lecture or led seminar, the classes allowed students to discuss the aspects of the issue that particularly appealed to them, not only the strictly legal aspects but also the the moral, political or commercial aspects. Real world issues are rarely "one dimensional" and this course reflected that."

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