Deirdre Jennings

Deirdre Jennings LLM LTAG What did you study before the LLM?

I studied the B.A in legal science, sociology and politics. I then completed the LL.B, both courses in NUI Galway.

Why did you choose to study the LLM in Law, Technology and Governance in NUI Galway?

I chose this course as I was interested in pursuing further education. After researching what LLM were available in the country, I made my decision on this LLM due to my interest in the course content and the relevance of the course to the current day, having studied in NUI Galway I was confident that it would be taught to the highest standards and well organised, which it was.

What areas in the programme did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed how all the modules were so relevant to the present day, bringing them to life and making them interesting. I was really impressed with the teaching staff on the course; the individual attention, the methods in which the modules were taught and the assessment of the course all reflected that we were recognised and respected as academic lawyers and postgraduate students. 

Why would you recommend the programme to potential applicants?

I would suggest this programme to anyone interested in certain aspects of the course content as this course allows the student to shape the course based on their individual interests as there is a good variety when choosing what optional modules to pursue. I would particularly recommend this course to  those who intend on pursuing a PhD. Having completed the LLM I would not advise students to go from an undergraduate degree to a PhD. The LLM gives students the opportunity to explore areas of interest, as prior to this students may have been restricted in there areas of study. The dissertation also gives students an opportunity to find out how they enjoy researching and writing for longer periods than what they would have previously experienced.

How has the programme helped you in your chosen career path?

The programme was a vital link in my career path. Since finishing the LLM I have commenced work on a PhD on corporate governance in Trinity College Dublin. Corporate governance was an area I had no exposure to prior to the LLM and so it gave me the opportunity to identify an area I was interested in and an area I felt I could add further research. Writing my dissertation gave an invaluable insight as to what I could expect with further research and the LLM also gave the confidence to continue with further research.

What does a typical working day involve for you?

A typical work day comprises of trying to strike a balance between researching, writing and staying focused.

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