Our students

Thomas Mullen

“The LLM in Law, Technology and Governance is proving to be the most enjoyable phase of my study of the law, both for the subject matter and the teaching dynamic. I am thoroughly enjoying the programme’s exploration of the compelling legal issues posed by the digital world and I am deriving particular benefits from the interactive nature of seminars. I would strongly recommend this LLM programme to anyone who is intrigued by the challenges and opportunities we face in today’s ‘Information Society’ and who wishes to pursue this interest in an engaging learning environment.”

Ollie Conneely

"I initially chose to study the LL.M in Law, Technology & Governance at NUI Galway because of the range of subjects and their relevance. However what was even more impressive was the knowledge of the staff in the Law Faculty and the practical manner in which they are taught. Throughout the course I have developed a wide range of skills which are relevant to the current jobs market. I'm delighted I chose the course."

Paul Murray LL.B.

Paul Murray LLM LTAG "My experience of the LL.M in Law, Governance and Technology at NUI Galway has been very positive. I opted to take the LL.M due to the wide variety of modules offered, most of which I did not have an opportunity to encounter during my LL.B studies, due to subject entry requirements for the Solicitors’ and Bar examinations.

The learning environment provided is very productive and fosters a focus on collaborative learning and interaction. The learning process is supplemented by a myriad of guest speakers, dealing with a wide variety of legal topics.

The lecturers attached to the programme are particularly helpful, providing guidance and advice at every stage of the learning and assessment process.

I would recommend the LL.M in Law, Governance and Technology without reservation, to any law graduate. The related areas of law, technology and governance are central to a holistic understanding of complex legal issues which is necessary for any potential legal practitioner or researcher."

Séamus Keating

"The LL.M in Law Technology and Governance was truly a great experience and substantially increased my knowledge of how technology and law interact. I found the faculty to be very supportive and knowledgeable and particularly enjoyed attending the Cyberspace conference in Brno in the Czech Republic. I gained an ability to analyse law, engage in legal reasoning, acquired research skills and gained thorough understanding of the modules I studied. I particularly enjoyed preparing and for and presenting at a conference which our class organised at the end of the second semester. 

I would not hesitate to recommend the LL.M in Law Technology and Governance to other students."