Mar 04 2013 Posted: 15:57 GMT
Dr Padraic Kenna presented his recent publication on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and housing at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussells, Belgium to more than 300 participants in a one day conference on housing rights, "Colloquium georganiseerd door het Steunpunt tot bestrijding van armoede, bestaansonzekerheid en sociale uitsluiting, de Universiteit Antwerpen en de Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis".

The chapter “The Charter of Fundamental Rights – Added value to housing rights?” is included in Bernard, N. & Hubeau, B. (eds.) (2013) Recht op wonen: naar een resultaatsverbintenis? - Droit au logement: vers une obligation de résultat?” published by die Keure/la Charte. See

This chapter considers how the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights could be used by housing rights advocates across the EU. It adds to the limited base of EU generated housing rights by its specific reference to the right to social and housing assistance. However, the enforceability of Charter rights requires an understanding of the place of the Charter within EU law and how it applies to Member States applying their own laws or EU law. Indeed, the Charter only applies where States are implementing EU law – a corpus of law which is broad and growing. Thus, Charter rights can only be engaged in a local court when some other EU measure is involved, but many EU measures impact on housing. European housing rights development must now take place in the context of interactions between the EU Charter, EU law, and national laws and policies. Some recent cases highlight this connection between EU and national laws.