Moot Court Module 2018-19

Mooting at the School of Law

Mooting is a great way to build valuable research skills, develop oral advocacy skills and gain a valuable insight into the law in practice. The School of Law strongly encourages students to engage in mooting opportunities at least once during their law degrees.

What is it?

Mooting involves the preparation of written legal submissions and the delivery of oral argument in a mock hearing based on a set of hypothetical facts. The moot is set around an appeal case so there is no hearing of witnesses or expert evidence. Participants, usually working in a team of two, deliver their oral argument, respond to questions from the bench, and respond to the arguments of the opposing counsel. The sitting judge then adjudicates on the basis of the oral and written submissions. 

Why do it?

  • Build research, writing and oral advocacy skills
  • Experience what it is like to participate in a legal case
  • Work as a team and make valuable contacts
  • Enhance your CV and employment opportunities
  • Build confidence
  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills

Also did you know if you participate in an external moot there is an option of submitting the written submissions in fulfilment of the legal essay requirement? See the section below for details.

Mooting Opportunities in NUI Galway

Dr Conor Hanly, Lecturer at the School of Law, NUI Galway, discusses the opportunities available for mooting at the School of Law, NUI Galway.

Mooting Opportunities

LW437 Moot Court Module (compulsory for all second years, optional for final BCL, final BCorp, 2nd and final LLB)

The Law School Moot Module is a 5 ECTS module where students spend a semester developing research, writing and presentation skills. Students in their groups prepare legal submissions on a hypothetical moot problem with the module culminating in a moot competition at the end of the semester. We are extremely fortunate to have our own dedicated Moot Court room.

Delivery: The classes are delivered in semester two with assessment taking place at the end of semester two.

Eligible students: Compulsory for all second year BCL, Law and Business, Law and Human Rights, Law and Taxation, and Law Criminology and Criminal Justice students. 

Optional for final year Bachelor of Civil Law, final year Bachelor of Corporate Law, and final year LLB. These students must apply for a place on the module.

Interested in the optional module?

Applications and queries: Contact Ursula Connolly by email at

Moot Court Module 2019/20 Moot

The School of Law internal Moot Court Competition took place in the Galway Courthouse on Saturday 1st February 2020 presided over by his Honour Judge Francis Comerford, judge of the Circuit Court. The competition which is run annually culminates in the award of the Ross O'Driscoll Cup, named after the late Ross O'Driscoll, a School of Law graduate and barrister. Sixteen teams from across all law programmes demonstrated excellent oral advocacy and rebuttal skills in presenting their arguments on a hypothetical defamation action. Commending the teams for their professionalism and energetic arguments Judge Comerford ultimately declared the team of Shane Hunt and Andrew Murphy to be the overall winners. In a close second came the team of Emer Feeney and Clodagh Geraghty. Congratulations to both these teams!Judge Comerford gave special mention to three other mooters. These were: Hannah Finn, for her ability to engage with questions from the bench, and the team of Massimo Austin and Bernard Cosgrove for their skill in rebutting the arguments of the opposing team. Well done!

The module could not be run without the time and energy of the School of Law community including lecturers, PhD students and local barristers who acted as mentors for the teams. Particular thanks is extended to his Honour Judge Comerford, judge of the Circuit Court, and to Ray Fitzgerald of the Galway Courthouse for their contribution to and facilitation of the moot.Particular thanks is extended to his Honour Judge Comerford and to Ray Fitzgerald of the Galway Courthouse for their contribution to and facilitation of the moot.

The competition is also the culmination of the Moot Court module, students interested in the module should contact Ursula Connolly  (

Moot Module 2020 Group pic

Pictured are the 2020 Moot participants with Judge Francis Comerford. 

W5207 International and Comparative Business Law Moot (LLM)

Students on our International and Comparative Business Law Master's programme have the option to register for the International and Business Law Moot. This is a 10 ECTS module which takes place in semester 2. 

Typically, the moot problem involves a novel issue of international business law. Recent moots have dealt with copyright issues, intellectual property, and the nature of cryptocurrencies.

LLM 2020 Action Shot

Last year’s moot took place in the Galway Courthouse before Mr Justice Mark Heslin, a judge of the High Court.

LLM 2020 Moot Group pic

Pictured above are the participating teams, runners-up, Simon Burke-Murphy and Ruairí Cunningham and winners of the moot, Wyatt Leydon and Siqiao Wan with Mr Justice Heslin.  

Mooting at NUI Galway

Highlights from the Moot Court Competition in January 2018. Video by Bula Bosca Films.

Other Mooting Opportunities

Internal Mooting Opportunities

The student Law Society at NUI Galway will organise two internal mooting competitions this year, the Tom O'Malley moot and the Novice Moot Court competitions. 

Tom O'Malley Moot

The Tom O'Malley moot is held annually in honour of NUI Galway School of Law law lecturer and barrister Tom O'Malley. Mr O'Malley's expertise lies in the area of criminal law, particularly in the areas of sentencing and sexual offences. The Tom O'Malley moot will be held this year on Saturday 21st November and will be adjudicated by Ms Justice Mary Faherty, a judge of the Court of Appeal and an alumni of NUI Galway. Interested students should contact the Law Society.

Justice Week University Debate – Applications Open

Applications are now open to choose a representative from the School of Law to take part in the second Justice Week University Debate. The University Debate is an exciting debating competition organised by the Bar of Ireland where a team of 3-4 students (each student from a different Irish University) will compete for a team prize. It is a fantastic opportunity to represent the School of Law, meet students from other Irish Universities, and display your debating and advocacy skills.  The debate will take virtually on March 2nd 2021. Interested students should apply by filling out the brief application form attached here - Justice Week Application Form 2021 - and submit it to by 5pm Tuesday 26th January.  

The following short video showcases some of the week’s highlights (including the debate!): (where you can also see last year’s School of Law representative Simeon Burke, in action!).

Novice Moot Court

Students new to mooting are strongly encouraged to participate in the Novice Moot Court Competition. This is a competition run by the Law Society and the School of Law. It will be held next year on March 29th 2021, and will be adjudicated by Ms Justice Carmel Stewart, a judge of the High Court. Further details will be available on our student Law Society page and the School of Law Facebook page.
Pictured below are some of the participants in the 2018 Novice Moot Competition with the adjudicator Ms Colleen Brownlee BL.

Novice Moot 2019

Pictured above are some of the participants in the 2018 Novice Moot Competition with the adjudicator Ms Colleen Brownlee BL.

Other Mooting Opportunities

External Mooting Competitions

A number of external mooting competitions are held over the course of the academic year (principally in the second semester). Students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one competition over the course of their law degree. The student Law Society on campus is an enthusiastic promoter of these moots so keep an eye on their announcements and the School of Law Facebook page for details. Remember too that members of Law School staff are always happy to provide advice to students on their submissions.

External Mooting Competitions and the Essay Requirement

The School is aware that although very rewarding external moots involve a significant time commitment. For this reason students who engage in external moots can submit the written legal submissions prepared for the external moot in fulfilment of the Law Essay requirement. Remember that you must obtain the lecturer’s permission in writing before availing of this option. Please contact the School of Law ( for further details and restrictions.

Student Law Society

The University student Law Society is a great way to get involved in student life and to participate in a number of law related events, including mooting. See here for details:

Student Testimonial - Maggie MacAonghusa BCL

Maggie MacAonghusaI graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law degree in 2014.  The BCL at NUI Galway has proved to be an excellent choice for me... Final year for me was packed with some particularly engaging modules. 

I did a moot court module that taught us about advocacy, the preparation of written submissions and how to deliver oral arguments in front of a panel of judges…  I look forward to undertaking further study at postgraduate level at the University of Oxford.

Student Testimonial - Michael Wilkins BCL

Michael WilkinsIn my second year at NUI Galway I took part in two moot court competitions. I decided to get involved because I always enjoyed debating and it seemed like a great way to add to my legal education. Taking part in mooting pushes you to explore areas of the law that are often in dispute so you gain a great insight into very topical issues. Furthermore, mooting allows you to put the legal skills you learn in the classroom into practice and the preparation phase greatly improves your research skills. From an employer's point of view, engaging in mooting shows that you take a genuine interest in your studies and thus, enhances your employability.