Summer Schools 2014

NUI Galway is holding a series of Summer Schools for students interested in studying at the University. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a real taste of University life and to enjoy a wide range of hands-on practical activities.

Summer SchoolDateSuitable forDurationPrice
Business Summer School 24th June 5th & 6th years  half day Free
Computer Science & Information Technology Experience Day 12th June TY students  1 day Free 
One Week Computing Summer Camp

9th-13th June (5 days)

All years 5 days    €75
Engineering Summer School 19th or 20th June (choose one day only) All years 1 day Free
Law Summer School 6th June  TY & 5th years 1 day    Free
Nursing Summer School 4th June TY & 5th years 1 day €30
Science Experience Summer Event 25th & 26th June 5th & 6th years 2 days €30


Science Experience Summer Event

The Science Experience Summer Event offers you two full days of hands-on, practical Science experience. Get a taste of life as a scientist and decide if Science is the career for you.

• Opportunities to do your own Lab experiments and demonstrations
• Tours of the Lab facilities at NUI Galway
• Find out about careers in Science
• Hear about the latest discoveries and inventions
Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics are all featured during the two-day Summer event with NUI Galway scientists.

Dates:  Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th June, 2014

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Applications received until 5pm 15th May.    

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T: (091) 492814  

Engineering Summer School

Are you in Junior Cycle, Transition or 5th year and studying Honours Maths?
Are you interested in figuring out how things work?
Do you enjoy maths, science, engineering, or technical subjects in general?
Are you interested in new technology: phones, computers, cars, buildings, energy, and medical technologies?  Then the Engineering Summer School is for you!

The Engineering Summer School offers you a unique hands-on practical experience to get a taste of life as an engineer. The Engineering Summer School is a one day event and you have the option to attend on the 19th or 20th June.

Here are some of the activities we have lined up for you:
• Robo-soccer game
• Go-kart design for future Formula 1 Engineers
• Design of your own sustainable Eco-house
• Build and test a pacemaker circuit
• Remote control of a wastewater treatment plant
• Frankenstein design: how bio-engineers make new body parts

Dates: 19th June or 20th June 2014

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One Week Computing Summer Camp

The NUI Galway Computing Summer Camp provides 40 interested students with an opportunity to explore and experiment with new technologies that form the basis of our digital age. It is open to all secondary school students from first to final year. It will run from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm daily, and will cover a range of digitally-inspired topics including:

  • Programming
  • Games
  • 3D Modelling
  • Robotics

The summer camp, designed by staff in Information Technology, introduces computing in a novel, fun and interactive way. Students can creatively explore how to use leading-edge technologies, from constructing robots that can be then be programmed to interact with their environment, to designing and developing an animation that can be uploaded to a web site and shared with friends.

The summer camp will also give students a sense of the exciting possibilities in computer science and information technology, and will also provide an insight into the range of topics that form part of the highly successful B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science and Information Technology.


June 9th-13th

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Computer Science & Information Technology Experience Day:

In addition to a week-long Computing Summer Camp this year NUI Galway will offer a one-day Computer Science and Information Technology Experience. This one-day programme is open to secondary school students in transition year.

Date: June 12th. Apply online.



 Nursing Summer School

Are you considering a Career in Nursing/Midwifery? Thinking about studying at NUI Galway? Want to learn some new lifesaving skills?
Then this event is for you!

The Nursing Summer School is open to TY and 5th year students. 

Learn about:

  • CPR
  • Vital signs
  • Hand hygiene
  • Complete key nursing skills

 Date: Wednesday 4th June

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Places are limited so book early.  A fee of €30 made payable to “School of Nursing and Midwifery, NUI Galway” applies.

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Business and Economics Summer Event

Are you interested in working in the exciting and dynamic world of business? The J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics is providing students with the chance to answer this question and others at their FREE 1 day Summer School.

The Summer School is made up of workshops and lectures bases around the five subject areas taught by the School of Business and Economics; Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Economics and Business Information Systems.

Students will get a taste of life as a business student and see how their learning will be applied in the Business World.

• Five 45 minute workshops providing amazing and interesting insights into each subject
• Tours of student facilities at NUI Galway
• Find out about the financial positioning of your local businesses

Dates:  Tuesday 24th June, 2014.

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 The event is open to secondary school students in 5th & 6th year.


Law Summer School

Are you interested in studying law? A degree in law opens up a broad range of career opportunities in a many different areas.  The School of Law is providing students with an interest in law the opportunity to attend a FREE 1 day Summer Camp.  The summer camp will give you an insight into the different subjects you would study if you choose to study law at NUI Galway.


The summer camp will be interactive with students learning about criminal law, corporate law and topical legal issues. It is a fun and productive way to learn about law, and why studying law at NUI Galway is your best option.


Dates: 6th June, 2014. 

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