Finding Accommodation

The NUI Galway Accommodation Office are here to help you in your search for a place to live. We can help you find appropriate accommodation in Student Residences, flats, apartments or houses. We can also help if problems arise with property owners.  Find out about our services to you here.

There are 9 Student Residences, one of which is located on Campus (Corrib Village).  All others are within easy reach of the University. 

Full list of Student Residences, NOW FULLY BOOKED

Campus Accommodation, NOW FULLY BOOKED

Database of Houses, Apartments, Rooms available in the private sector

Please find us on facebook "NUIG Accommodation - Pair and Share" to pair up with each other to seach for houses and apartments. 

Temporary, Short-term, Flexible Accommodation available in Kinlay House, Eyre Square - suitable for one semester students or students here for a few weeks.

Comprehensive advice and information on your rights and options as a tenant is available at:


Temporary Accommodation - B&B and Hostels suitable for nightly bookings while search for longer term housing.

Private property rentals here
Galway Advertiser
Galway Independent 
Homestay; Homestays in Galway, Galway City, Ireland offer host family accommodation, ideal for all types of travel including students, interns, etc. 


Help / Resources:                    

Guidelines for Renting


Map of Galway


Key Tips for Renting:

  • Always view a property before paying a deposit
  • Always bring a friend or parent with you when meeting a landlord
  • Ensure you have a rental agreement
  • Always read and understand the Rental Agreement before signing.
  • Always get a receipt for the deposit paid and rent in advance
  • Always make a list of furniture and applicances with the landlord.  Damage or loss of property is a regular reason for losing a deposit.
  • If there are any outstanding repairs, ask the landlord to state in writing that they will be repaired - take photos if necessary.