Career interest tests

Sometimes called psychometric, interest or aptitute tests, these aim to measure attributes like ability, personality and motivation (for tests used by employers as part of your application, see our Find A Job section on Tests ).

These self-assessment tools can help your career development e.g., assist you to figure out what careers might suit you.   

‌There are many online tests available - the following tend to use the tests to help you explore your interests, strengths, abilities and personality:

'Profiling for Success' tests cover personality, career interest, resilience scale, emotional intelligence and learning styles. As a NUI Galway student, you have access to a variety of ability tests and personality questionnaires for free. Simply create an account using your NUI Galway email address. 
Prospects Career Planner  identifies your skills, motivations and desires for your job role from the information you provide, and matches them to occupations and current opportunities.
Wingfinder from Red Bull is a free strengths based test. You will receive a full report learning about your areas of strength with feedback individualised for you. have a range of free tests including competencies, work values, team roles, personality.
Career Portal have a self assessment section with interest, personality and career values tests.
Making a decision around a career can be difficult and there are a range of questionnaires on this topic at

Careers have listed these sites as, at time of writing, they have a completely free service or a number of free questionnaires with full reports. We recommend that tests are used with caution and only as one element of your career planning journey. There are many other such sites online as well as paid-for services should you wish to explore further. However, we are not in a position to list all such sites on this page. Careers and NUI Galway cannot be responsible for the content on external sites.