Graduate Destinations

Each year, all universities in Ireland and the UK survey their graduates to determine their first destination after leaving university.

In Ireland, this data is used by the HEA to gather national statistics.

What do Irish Graduates do?

The HEA have all their publications available from or direct links below to their annual publication

2017 (published 2019) - 

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Higher Education Outcomes Graduation Years 2010-2014 

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What do UK Graduates do?

Results from the Higher Education Statistics Agency's Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) are available at   

Latest survey results - 2018

In 2019 the Career Development Centre surveyed the class of 2018 for the new Graduate Outcomes Survey.

2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey by College

Most important activity PG UG Total
Working full-time 77.6% 57.7% 65.5%
Working part-time 7.2% 3.5% 5%
Due to start a job within 3 months 0.7% 0.5% 0.6%
Full-time further study or training 6.2% 34.4% 23.3%
Part-time further study or training 1.6% 1.2% 1.4%
Other activity 2.2% 1.5% 1.7%
Unemployed and looking for work 4.5% 1.3% 2.6

Results from previous surveys

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