Graduate Destinations

Each year, all universities in Ireland and the UK survey their graduates to determine their first destination after leaving university.

In Ireland, this data is used by the HEA to gather national statistics.


Graduates of 2016

Graduates of full time programmes - we will be contacting you from March 2017.
Your reply helps us to work with current students as well as give insight into the labour market for graduates today. See the link below for the results of last year's national survey, or click NUIG above to see statistics locally.
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What do Irish Graduates do?

Results of the HEA's national survey:

Graduates of 2012   Graduates of 2013 Graduates of 2014    Graduates of 2015

What do UK Graduates do?

Results from the Higher Education Statistics Agency's Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) are available at   

Latest survey results - 2016

In 2017, the Career Development Centre surveyed the class of 2016 - graduates from full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses; 2,489 responded.

Where are they now?

Graduates of 2016 Undergraduate/Postgraduate
Undergraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Programmes
In Employment 56.51% 81.82%
In Further Study or Training 36.55% 9.76%
Seeking Employment 2.07% 4.83%
Not Available/Year Out 4.82% 3.48%
Unpaid Internship 0.06% 0.11%

2016 Breakdown of Graduates - details by College

Results from previous surveys