Alternative study options

It's not always possible to commit to a full time programme and so here are some starting points for looking at alternative study routes.

Looking to brush up your skills while in NUI Galway?

Check out the courses run by the Student's Union each year, these include Sign Language, conversational Irish, first aid and suicide awareness.

Use Blackboard e.g.,

  • CELT bring you a ’skills4study’ resource connected to Blackboard within a module named ’The Learning Centre’. All first year students are enrolled onto this, but students in other years can self-enrol by searching for the module within Blackboard. They also have a range of courses for postgraduate researchers.

There are loads of other opportunities to develop skills on campus throughout the year. See our pages on Making the Most of University for some of them.

Part-time / Evening:

See NUI Galway's range of part-time, flexible learning courses  

You can also search for courses throughout Ireland using Qualifax.

Online / Distance:

Many universities now offer courses either by distance learning or through blended learning (a mixture of distance and some workshops on campus). These courses will be listed within their university sites and to apply for courses in Ireland you should contact the provider of the relevant course directly. Closing dates and fees vary depending on course and institution.  

There are many universities worldwide offering paid, credit bearing courses online and are straight-forward to find online - please ensure that they are legitimate universities before paying for courses

Learning online free / MOOCs: 

The internet is home to an increasing number of free course content and some sites also have accompanying apps. One example is language learning site Duolingo

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course and these are becoming increasingly popular. Typically, you would not get formal credit for taking the courses on offer, however, it may be possible to pay a fee at the end if you wish to formalise your study or gain a certificate. The majority of programmes are only a few weeks long. Some universities use more than one of the following platforms to provide online courses .

There are many more opportunities than those listed, use your preferred search engine to find a programme that suits your needs. This list is an introduction to resources and is not intended as a complete listing.