Work Based Learning

NUI Galway has a proud tradition of work placement having placed students over past twenty years in many different programmes.
We have a large network of employers that provide our students that are eager to gain valuable work experience with quality work placements that are enjoyable and relevant to their course of study.

Why placement?

NUI Galway is committed to improving our students’ employability.

Work placement is an accredited placement module that is embedded into an increasing number of programmes at undergraduate level here in NUI Galway. Students work while on work placement is academically assessed and contributes to their overall assessment for the year.

Hosting a work placement student in your organisation has many benefits. Many organisations come back year after year to host students from NUI Galway because they are impressed by the quality of our students and the positive impact their make in the organisation.

How can my organisation benefit from taking a student on placement?

NUI Galway students are highly motivated and eager to learn new skills and gain valuable experience working in an organisation. They make an instant impact in the work place and bring a fresh perspective and new knowledge to the organisation.

  • Students offer a source of skilled labour and an insight into new practices being taught in HEIs.
  • Students provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to recruitment needs and help ease staff workload at busy times.
  • They bring new ideas and new perspectives into the workplace.
  • Employers can recruit an additional resource to undertake projects.
  • Employers can identify potential new recruits and create a feeder pool for future graduate recruitment.
  • It provides people management development opportunities for staff.
  • It develops links with HEIs for a range of purposes, such as R&D.

NUI Galway Placement Courses and Dates

College of Engineering & Informatics

BE Biomedical Engineering  

BE Civil Engineering  

BSc Computer Science & Information Technology   

BE Electrical & Electronic Engineering   

BE Electronic & Computer Engineering  

BE Energy Systems Engineering (with Civil, Mechanical or Electrical elective)

BE Mechanical Engineering  

BSc Project & Construction Management  

College of Science

BSc Biopharmaceutical Chemistry   

BSc Health & Safety Systems    

College of Business, Public Policy & Law

BSc Business Information Systems     

B. Comm (Global Experience)   

B. Comm (Accounting - International Experience)   

B. Civil Law  
(September to April)

B. Corporate Law  
(September to April)

 College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies

BA with Children’s Studies   
(January – April)

BA (Children's Studies)
(January – August)

BA Child Youth & Family: Policy and Practice   
(September – June)

BSc Applied Social Science   
(September – June)

BA (Arts with Data Science)*  

BA (Digital Arts and Technology)*

BA (English and Media Studies)*

BA (Film and Digital Media)*

BA (Global Languages)*

BA (International)*

BA (Journalism)*

BA (Music)*


* details to be confirmed

Host a work placement student

The NUI Galway Work Based Learning team have an extensive network of organisation nationally and internationally that provide high quality work placement for our students that is relevant to their course of study.

We have extensive experience over many years interacting with organisation and have the necessary expertise to make hiring a work placement student as straight forward process.

In order to maintain high quality work placements and productive working relationships with organisations we understand that it is very important to inform the company of our expectations of what is expected from them when hosting a placement student. We also streamline the placement process so that it is easily accessible for the organisation and organisation can review, shortlist, interview and hire students in an efficient manner.

What type of work can a work placement student undertake while on placement?

What does the organisation have to provide for the student?

Are work placements paid?

Are students insured while on placement?

How do I get involved in the placement process and secure a work placement student?