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Strategies and Policies

A comprehensive strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment at NUI Galway. Learn more

Course Design

Best Practices

Design and organize your course around what students need to learn.

Learning outcomes


Bologna Process

Academic Honesty


Students need feedback to monitor their learning and stay motivated. Learn more

Evaluating Teaching

Seeking and acting on feedback can lead to a more rewarding experience for staff and students.
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Blackboard is NUI Galway's virtual learning environment giving faculty and students access to deliver learning materials, assess student's work and communicate online

Teaching with Technology

Educators have integrated technology into their instruction for as long as there have been classrooms.  Learn More

Graduate Student Development

The Graduate Student Development supports graduate students’ pedagogical, academic, and professional progress.  Learn More

  • Graduate Studies Training
  • GS506 Teaching and Learning
  • Postgraduate Tutors Support Network


We provide consulting for staff and graduate student instructors in three professional areas: teaching, assessment, and technology.  Learn More

Professional Development

Good lecturers continually learn and develop