Sarah Hofmayer

PhD Candidate

Mag. LL.M.


Sarah Hofmayer studied law at the university of Vienna before getting her LL.M. in at the CDLP in 2015. She has previous work experience in the field of legal capacity and supported employment, working with several organizations in Vienna. She was awarded the Hardiman and the IRC scholarship for her PhD project.

Sarah is working with Austrian DPOs, especially BIZEPS, especially on international matters. Her first language is German and she is currently learning Italian for her research.


Research Interests

  • Legal Capacity legislation
  • Inclusive and Supported Employment
  • Political Participation
  • Implementation of Human Rights on the national level

Research Projects

PhD Research Topic: "Work Integration Social Enterprises - a tool to further inclusive employment for persons with disabilities?"

Persons with disabilities have a long history of being considered unfit to work and being sent to sheltered workshops instead. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilties, obliges States to ensure that persons with disabilities can enjoy employment just like everyone else, in an inclusive setting.

Because persons with disabilities have been disadvantaged for a long time, it needs special efforts to assist them in finding meaningful employment with a salary that can ensure their living.
Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE), is one such approach. They provide for both training, to enhance a person's skills and employability, and a - often temporary - job in a setting that is less stressful and more understanding of the need for "reasonable accommodation".

This PhD will look at how WISE can help to realize inclusive employment for persons with disabilities, comparing three countries with different stages of legislation on WISE. Some countries have not yet enacted a specific law or regulations, while others have done so several years ago. The three research countries are Austria, Ireland and Italy.

Other Resarch Projects:

  • The Austrian Adult Protection Bill
  • Currently working on a publication on the impact of legal capacity legislation on employment opportunities
  • Shadow Report of the Austrian Civil Society on the Second State Report to the CRPD Committee

Research Publications

  • Sarah Hofmayer, Martin Lädstätter, 'Jetzt entscheide ich!' ('Now I'm deciding!') in Gertrude Brinek (ed) Erwachsenenschutz statt Sachwalterschaft: Schritte zu einem Selbstbestimmten Leben (Adult Protection instead of Guardianship: Steps towards a self-determined life) (2017, Vienna)) (book chapter)
  • 'Towards Inclusive Employment: How to Face the Main Challenges under the CRPD' in Disability and International Development (2015) 3 <o'Towards Inclusive Employment: How to Face the Main Challenges under the CRPD' inDisability and International Development (2015) 3 <> (article)

Teaching Areas

  • Recurring: Legal Writing and Basics of Law (workshop for the incoming LL.M. students at the CDLP)
  • Guest lectures on the Austrian legal capacity legislation (past), the EU and the Council of Europe and Disability (upcoming)