DISCIT Work Package 7 - Active Citizenship and New Technology


Project Coordinator: Prof. Gerard Quinn

Lead Researcher: Dr. Delia Ferri

DISCIT is a European Commission funded project that aims at creating new knowledge from DISCIT member countries that will help lead to the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities. The project consists of 10 work packages that focus on the different aspects of Active Citizenship. The DISCIT Consortium members are universities and civil society organizations throughout Europe, they include: NOVA- Norwegian Social Research, The University of Cologne, Charles University, The University of Florence, Uppsala University, The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, The University of York, The Mental Disability Rights Initiative and the European Disability Forum.

Focus Areas

Work packages one and ten concern project management and recommendations, policy lessons and dissemination respectively. The other eight work packages each consider a different aspect of active citizenship.

DISCIT Work Packages

  1. Project Management
  2. Active Citizenship as a theoretical challenge
  3. Active citizenship as a challenge for operationalization and measurement
  4. Active citizenship in light of new Social Inequalities
  5. Active Citizenship as Labour Market Participation
  6. Active Citizenship as Community Living
  7. Active Citizenship through the use of New Technology
  8. Active Citizenship by Fiscal Innovation
  9. Active Citizenship as Political Participation
  10. Policy lessons, recommendations and dissemination

The Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDLP) at NUI Galway is in charge of Work Package 7 on “Active Citizenship through the use of New Technology.” As a part of Work Package 7 the CDLP is researching the social and market factors as well regulations both at the EU and state level that impact inclusion of persons with disabilities through use of new technology. New technology includes universal design, accessible technology as well as assistive technology. The CDLP will also conduct life course interviews of persons with disabilities in Ireland across different age cohorts about all aspects of active citizenship to be compared against interviews undertaken by the different members in their countries.

DISCIT Work Package 8 - Active Citizenship by Fiscal Innovation

Project Coordinator: Prof. Gerard Quinn

Lead Researcher: Dr. Sinéad Keogh

To begin, work package 8 (WP8) provides a detailed and comparative account of the potential poverty traps and barriers to economic independence for men and women with disabilities in existing redistributive systems for cash transfers throughout Europe, as a step towards making the European Social Model more effective and sustainable.

Second, WP8 generates new knowledge about asset-building mechanisms which combat poverty and strategies for financially sustainable wealth accumulation which enhance economic independence for persons with disabilities to strengthen the European social model.

Third, WP8 establishes a better understanding of the respective roles of the EU and its member states in developing, promoting and implementing asset-building models for persons with disabilities to facilitate independent living.

Publications relating to Work Package 8 can be found here: http://discit.eu/publications