María Gómez

Research Associate

Law and Political Sciences at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


María is a Research Associate with the project of Deprivation of Liberty at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy. The project is being executed in collaboration with the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of People with Disabilities. It focuses on discriminatory practices in deprivation of liberty against people with disabilities across the world, such as involuntary admission, institutionalisation and diversion from the criminal justice system. She is also involved as a respondent with the Voices project.

María graduated in Law and Political Sciences at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain in 2012. She worked for various years at a local organisation for children and adults with autism (Asociación Pauta) and as a volunteer in different organisations for people with disabilities. After working at various international law firms, María decided to become a freelance in Madrid. She worked with Plena Inclusion (Inclusion Spain) on a handbook for local police on disability rights, held various training sessions for police officers on disability rights and advocated for the creation of a support figure during detention, similar to the appropriate adult system in UK. She is also part of a project to enable people with learning disabilities to represent themselves within their organisations and delivers training on rights to people with disabilities.