Who we are

Our mission is to foster a culture of excellence in teaching and learning; promoting methods that encourage active learner engagement and critical thinking. We are research-led and participate in international organisations and fora in the areas of teaching, evaluation, technology and higher education research.

Locally, we are responsible for:

  • Academic Staff Development
  • Audiovisual Technologies & Classroom Systems
  • Learning Technologies & Media Production
  • An Teanglann (The Language Labs)
  • Teaching & Learning Policy

We work with appropriate national professional bodies and organisations, such as the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning.

Our Activities

Our primary function at CELT is the promotion of excellence in learning and teaching. What this means in practice is that we hope to nurture a supportive and creative environment in which the teaching aspects of academic practice take a central role and in which students can be encouraged to develop a more proactive and engaged approach to their own individual learning. To achieve this we run courses, workshop sessions, seminars, conferences, departmentally focused projects and assist in quality review and course development.

In addition, we believe strongly in taking a research informed approach and situating all such developments within an international context. We support and undertake research projects on various aspects of higher education practice and policy, funded by a variety of externally research agencies. In addition we support and encourage colleauges from across the institution to participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning through seminars, workshops, visiting academics, etc.