Li Lu Tara                                                                        Photos

I started the process of adopting Li Lu in September 1997 by applying to the Adoption Committee (Clann) of the Western Health Board.

I took part in various group activities with other prospective adoptive parents during the Spring of 1998 and started the paper chase – references, letter from guardians, garda clearance from all the countries where I had lived, financial statements, etc.

In the Autumn of 1998 I had ten 2-hour interviews with a social worker, covering all aspects of my life.

In February 1999 my application was approved by Clann and in March it was approved by the Adoption Board in Dublin.  My file was sent to China in early April 1999 and the wait started.  I amused myself by organising a week-long conference for 600 delegates from 40 countries in July.

In autumn I started getting my house ready for my new arrival and secretly visiting shops to look at buggies, baby clothes etc.

I got a phonecall from the Adoption Board in late November, giving me personal details of Li Lu along with two photographs; one of her sitting on a rocking horse and one of just her face.  She looked healthy and strong.

I travelled to China with a friend, Bridin Twist, at the end of December 1998 and met Li Lu on January 4th 2000.  She looked beautiful.  What a Millennium present!

From the start she was very quiet and “good” – eating everything and sleeping all night, and she had an incredible interest in everything going on around her.  Her strong personality became obvious within a few days! 

We returned home at the end of January.

Here are some photos of Li Lu

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