ARABOX A Novel Ligand for Asymmetric Catalysis



We have recently reported the synthesis of a novel 4,4' Bisoxazoline ligand ARABOX. This novel ligand was synthesised using a tandem deprotection, activation, ring closure (DARC) reaction. We will shortly report on the catalytic activity of a range of catalytic complexes derived from this ligand


Catalyst immobilisation

We have published a number of reports of our efforts to develop a facile immobilisation method for oxazoline based catalysts.  These catalysts are easily immobilised on silica and typically maintain their activity.  A number of instances of unusual benefits on immobilisation have also been found.


Chiral Amide Ligand Design


We are currently involved in the design and development of a number of new ligand classes and their corresponding transition metal catalysts.  Catalysts are also being tested in a number of key test reactions




  We have recently reported on the synthesis of new bisamide ligands and the use of their palladium complexes as catalysts.


    We are developing many other 'families' of catalysts for a wide variety of key organic transformations




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