Professor R.N. Butler

National University of Ireland, Galway.

B.Sc.1964; UCC College Scholar Award.  Royal Commission for 1851 Exhibition Scholarship for Ireland, 1967; Ph.D. (N.U.I.), 1967; D.Sc. (N.U.I.), 1974; Member of Royal Irish Academy (1979); Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry; Fellow of Inst. Chem. Ireland; Member International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry; Chair National Committee for Chemistry Royal Irish Academy 1989-1992; Chair Royal Society of Chemistry Ireland 1993-1996; President Institute of Chemistry of Ireland 1986- 1988. Fellow at University of Leicester studying applications of NMR and ESR spectroscopy 1967-1969; Principal Sligo Regional Technical College 1970-1971; Lecturer and Associate Professor at University College Galway, 1971- 1981; Professor of Chemistry at University College Galway/National University of Ireland, Galway, 1981-2008. Boyle-Higgins Gold Medal of Institute of Chemistry of Ireland 1998.

Research Interests



About 195 Research and Review papers mainly in Perkin Transactions of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, American Chemical Society Journals and Tetrahedron Letters .

Books, Monographs and Major Reviews

Recent papers

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