Applications to join our group are welcome from outstanding and enthusiastic candidates. Undergraduate research projects, summer placements, short research visits, PhD studentships or postdoctoral research are welcome to apply all year round. We will be happy to support applications for external funding.

To apply, please email Dr. Farràs directly with a CV, a cover letter and the names and addresses of two referees. 

Group Members






Research (Funding)

Pau photo_2 Dr. Pau Farràs Principal Investigator   +353 91492765
Molecular and materials design for Chemistry with Light 
  Maria Pujol Research Assistant Project coordinator (SOLAR2CHEM)
  Dr. Wenming Tong Postdoctoral Researcher New materials for water electrolysers (SEAFUEL and FlowPhotoChem)
 A Howard Dr. Aoife Howard Postdoctoral Researcher Socio-economic analysis (SEAFUEL)
  Dr. Roberto Gonzalez Postdoctoral Researcher Metal oxide nanoparticles for water electrolysis (HUGE)
 Paolo Dessi Profile Photo(1) Dr. Paolo Dessi Postdoctoral Researcher Bioelectrochemistry (SFI HyBioSol) 
  Dr. Kumaravel Gunasekaran Postdoctoral Researcher Photoelectrocatalysis (SFI HyBioSol)
  Dr Abhishek Saini Postdoctoral Researcher
Graphene quantum dot enhanced nanocomposite for non-invasive diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. 
 S Hennessey photo Seán Hennessey PhD Student Photoactive frameworks and ruthenium dyads for photooxidation (NUI Galway)
A Abdo photo Amir Abdo PhD Student Hemin derivatives as NO scavengers (CÚRAM)
  Neville Murphy PhD Student Metallacarboranes in biomedicine (CÚRAM)
  Megan Smeaton       PhD Student 1st row transition metal complexes for selective epoxidation (SOLAR2CHEM)
 Maryam Toufani Profile Photo Maryam Toufani PhD Student Ligand stabilised mixed metal oxide nanocrystals for selective water oxidation (SOLAR2CHEM)
  Hanka Besic PhD Student Development of stable catalysts for OER (FlowPhotoChem)

Group Alumni


Position in the group

Time in group



Dr. Mahtab Mahtabi Research Assistant 09/2018  02/2020  

Mahtab Mahtabi

Dr. Patrick Kielty PhD Student 09/2017  11/2019  

Patrick Kielty

Amy Florence Grier MSc Student 09/2018  09/2019  

 Amy Grier 

Evan O'Toole        MSc Student    09/2019 – 09/2020    

Evan O'Toole

March 2021 Group Photo

ChemLight Group Photo March 2021-1

Left-to-right:  Dr. Pau Farràs, Dr. Kumaravel Gunasekaran, Dr. Roberto Gonzalez, Hanka Besic, Neville Murphy, Megan Smeaton, Dr. Abhishek Saini, Wenming (Simon) Tong,  Seán Hennessey, Dr. Paolo Dessi, Levente Nagy, Amir Abdo