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The One Health concept recognises that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment.

UN agencies, including the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Food and Agriculture Organisation recognise that adopting a ‘One Health’ approach is key to  meeting grand challenges to our health such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance.

The Centre for One Health (COH) recognises the dependence of human and animal health on our environment, and promotes the concept that health and well-being is the most important resource that we derive from our environment. The COH is working to place sustaining health through environmental stewardship at the centre of public policy through teaching, research and advocacy.  The COH is an integral part of the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway and brings together researchers within the University from key areas including, air & water quality, food & soil biology and public & environmental policy.

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DeTER researchers at the CHE One Health Conference 2018

Members of the DeTER research team pictured attending the "Our Environment, Our Health: One Health" Conference at NUI Galway (l to r) Prof. Enda Cummins (UCD), Dr Dearbhaile Morris (NUIG), Dr Liam Morrison (NUIG), Dr Eoin McGillicuddy (DIT) with Dr Rachael Clarke (EPA).

The Centre for One Health (COH) hosted the first NUIG "Our Environment, Our Health: One Health" Conference on Friday 28th September in the Orbsen Building, NUI Galway. The "One Health" concept recognises that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably linked. The conference, which was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, showcased "One Health" research taking place at NUIG and internationaly and featured expert talks from leaders in the field across 4 thematic oral sessions. 

President of NUI Galway Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh opened the conference and welcomed delegates, outlining the strength of the teaching and research ongoing in the University in the fields of medicine, engineering, health, and the environment. Chair of the organising committee Dr Dearbháile Morris (Deputy Director, Centre for One Health and Head of the Discipline of Bacteriology NUI Galway) welcomed the keynote speakers including Dr William Gaze (European Centre for Environment and Human Health), Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe, (National Director, Strategic Planning and Transformation, HSE), Prof Martin Cormican (HSE National Lead Healthcare Associated Infection and AMR), Dr Patrick Munk (Danish Technical University) and  Dr Sharon McGuinness (Chair European Chemicals Agency Management Board and CEO Health and Safety Authority).

Members of the Centre for One Health including Prof. Kevin Leyden, Dr Marie Coggins, Dr Caitriona Carlin, Dr Gesche Kindermann and Dr Easkey Britton also presented their research in the One Health domain. Other Irish One Health experts presenting at the event included Dr Kaye Burgess (Tegasc), Prof. Enda Cumins and Dr David Shevlin (UCD), Prof. Andy Fogarty (AIT) and Dr Eoin McGillicuddy (DIT).

The topics covered as part of the conference were wide ranging and included antimicrobial resistance and the environment, the built environment, foodborne pathogens and the One Health approach. A wide range of ongoing One Health research was presented during poster sessions, for more details please see the CHE One Health Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts. The conference also included a session on nanoparticles in the environment as output from the EPA funded DeTER project. 

 With the success of this conference the Centre for One Health plans to hold an annual event to promote the connection between health and the environment.

Presentations from our expert speakers are now available to download by clicking on their names in the programme below!


CHE One Health Conference Programme 2018

 Session 1: Health and the Environment                  Chair: Dr Dearbháile Morris

Dr Will Gaze, European Centre for Environment and Human Health.
“The environmental dimension of AMR”

Dr Stephanie O'Keeffe, National Director, Strategic Planning and Transformation, HSE. 
“Enabling Citizens and Communities to Play Their Part in Healthy Ireland

Prof. Martin Cormican, HSE National Lead Healthcare Associated Infection and AMR.
“Environment and health – did you get the memo?”

Dr Patrick Munk, Danish Technical University
"Using metagenomics for global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance"


Session 2: Centre for Health from Environment Thematic Areas            Chair: Professor Martin Cormican

Water and sanitation
Prof. Enda Cummins, University College Dublin 
 "Environmental exposure modelling for antibiotic resistant bacteria-methods and musings”

Environmental Policy
Prof Kevin Leyden, National University of Ireland Galway 
“The Built Environment, Health, and Well-being: The Role of Planning and Public Policy"

Food and Soil
Dr Kaye Burgess, Teagasc
“Foodborne pathogens: taking a One Health approach”

Air Quality
Dr Marie Coggins, National University of Ireland Galway
“Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) in Human Breast milk collected from first time Irish Mothers, 2016 – 2018 –                                    ELEVATE”

Drs C Carlin, G Kindermann, E Britton, National Universiy of Ireland Galway
"Our environment, our health - how connecting to nature benefits health and wellbeing"


Session 3: Emerging Issues and One Health Initiatives                                               Chair: Dr Andrew Fogarty

Dr Sharon McGuinness, Chair European Chemicals Agency Management Board and CEO Health and Safety                                    Authority
“Healthy Living, Healthy Working – current considerations and emerging issues"

One Health Initiatives and Funding Opportunities:

Dr Lisa Sheils, Environmental Protection Agency and EC Joint Programming Initiative on Water
Dr Kay Duggan Walls, Health Research Board and EC Joint Programming Initiative on AMR
Dr William Byrne, Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine and EC One Health EJP  


Session 4: Focus on DeTER: Detection, Toxicology, Environmental fate and Risk assessment of nanoparticles in the aquatic environment

Dr Dearbhaile Morris, National University of Ireland Galway
"DeTER - Overview of why, how and what we need to do next"

Dr Eoin McGillicuddy, Dublin Institute of Technology
"Development of a capture method for silver nanoparticles from the aquatic environment"

Dr Andy Fogarty, Athlone Institute of Technology
"Assessment of the toxicological properties of metal nanoparticles on aquatic life"

Dr David Shevlin and Prof. Enda Cummins, University College Dublin
 "Risk assessment of the environmental fate of silver nanoparticles through the aquatic environment"

This conference was supported by the Environmental Protection Agency

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